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On the occasion of its 200th anniversary, the Rheinhessen region presented itself for the first time with its own booth at this year's Rhineland-Palatinate Exhibition from 12 to 20 March in Mainz. On about 80 square meters, the project office informed Rheinhessen 200 years of Rheinhessen, supported by the Rheinhessen tourism and regional tourist information, in the EWR Rheinland-Pfalz-Halle, the fair visitors about the anniversary year and the region Rheinhessen as a destination.

Passing by was definitely worthwhile for trade fair visitors from near and far: here, there was all the information about the anniversary year with its 615 events. A crowd puller was the traveling exhibition "200 years of Rheinhessen - a region discovers its history", which outlines the Rhinehessian regional history from 1816 to the present day in an informative and entertaining way.

The Rheinhessen-Ape also attracted attention: The small mobile sales stand on three wheels was packed with products from the Rheinhessen-Shop. All designed in the official, poppy-placative anniversary look, from inexpensive to high-quality, from the bumper sticker to the yardstick, which depicts a chronicle since 1816 at 200 centimeters. Of course there: the "Renner" of the Rheinhessen-Shop, the t-shirt collection by Anja Gockel. Real designer and collector's items in watercolor style with colorful motifs and cheeky sayings. (To you)

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