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200 years of Rheinhessen: Rheinhessen Marketing draws a positive mid-term review of the anniversary campaign - goals achieved - perspectives for 2017 ff.

"A sensation," commented Michael Ebling, Lord Mayor of Mainz and member of the Executive Board of Rheinhessen Marketing, the response to the ongoing Rheinhessen anniversary year. And in fact, all the expectations of those responsible were far exceeded. It went and goes a jolt through the region. "We are Rheinhessen!" Is the tenor in many places from Albig to Zotzenheim.

Satisfied faces everywhere on this historically memorable day, the 8th of July 2016. For the first time 200 years after the founding of the region and immediately before the official ceremony with 850 invited guests in the Staatstheater Mainz, those in charge draw public (interim) balance of the jubilee year.

Peter E. Eckes, Chairman of the Executive Board of Rheinhessen Marketing, and Tobias Bartenbach, Head of the Project Office 200 Years Rheinhessen, present a review of the first six months of 2016 and an outlook on the future of the region. They are supported by board members Michael Ebling (Lord Mayor of Mainz), Volker Gallé (working group culture), dr. Engelbert Günster (President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Rheinhessen) and Ursula Braunewell (Chairwoman of the Land Frauen Verband Rheinhessen), who each present one aspect (economy, culture, women, see separate statements).

The success has many fathers: It was finally achieved but only by the common alliance of many regional players. Rheinhessen marketing as the "engine" brought them all together. Politics, business, clubs, associations, and the intersectoral. They all united the will and the conviction to do something together for the region and the Rheinhessen location. Eventually, an entire region was mobilized to join in. Togetherness instead of selfishness and self-interest - this positive, committed and motivated attitude is probably the secret of success of "200 Years of Rheinhessen".

But the 200th birthday should not only be an occasion for extensive celebrations, but rather mark the prelude to a new, self-confident future of the region. The image and identity campaign was designed from the outset for sustainability, which means that the focus is clearly beyond 2016.

Creating cohesion and identity, strengthening the region, building structures for the future, and communicating a positive effect internally and externally - these are the self-defined goals. And the concept works, as Tobias Bartenbach presents.

The increasing awareness of identity can be read among other things from the following figures: Since autumn 2015, there were more than 850 requests for the use of the anniversary logo, over 1,000 anniversary flags were ordered and hoisted. The jubilee events are high in attendance and the communities are proud to be part of the program.

Throughout the region, an unprecedented (group) dynamic was and is noticeable. People, clubs, communities joined together for a project, an idea. Rheinhessen is creative, open-minded, motivated and committed.

New structures have emerged on which it will be possible to build on in the future: the museum network of 23 museums, for example, has established itself as the "Rheinhessen. Day by day "was initiated and realized (235 events), mobilized the economy and created a circle of sponsors. Media contacts were established and intensified. For 2.5 years the project office has been working on the concept and realization of the campaign for 200 years in Rheinhessen. Here, a new infrastructure was created and the office established as a central point of contact.

A total of nine prominent (jubilee) ambassadors promote the region. The 22 members of the Executive Board of Rheinhessen Marketing take on the task in a closed and dedicated manner. So far, about 20 planning committee meetings have been held to prepare for the anniversary campaign.

The campaign has a positive internal and external impact: it was only against the background of the anniversary campaign and the support of industry that the MERIAN Rheinhessen edition (circulation 120,000 copies) was realized. Over 250,000 brochures (programs, etc.) were produced and distributed.

In the first five months of this year alone, more than 657 million reach contacts were made through the media. 200 years of Rheinhessen. A topic with (over) regional news value. Across all media channels. A positive consequence of this increasing awareness: The numbers of Rheinhessen tourism from T ...

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