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December 2018

3. Funding call for basic care in rural areas

"Micro-enterprises of universal service" and "Local Basic Services" will continue to be supported in 2019 under the LEADER approach of the EULLE Development Program.

Renewed call for funding by the EAFRD administrative authority for the "Promotion of micro-enterprises of the universal service (GAK 8.0)" and "Institution for local basic services (GAK 9.0)".

The Rhineland Palatinate Minister of Economic Affairs Volker Wissing has launched the 3rd call for funding for the FLLE 2.0 program and has made budget funding of around EUR 6 million available for further projects for the financial year 2019.

In the FLLE 2.0 program, the funding modules "Micro-enterprises of the universal service" and "Facilities for local basic services" are combined in the LEADER approach.

GAK 8.0 "Promotion of micro-enterprises of universal service" provides small businesses up to ten employees up to 200,000 euros grant for investment in durable goods, including project-related consulting services or services of engineers or architects.

GAK 9.0 "Local Basic Services" funds investments that have a common benefit, such as smaller local amenities, but can be submitted to municipalities, associations, as well as other natural and legal persons in the LEADER regions.

With the call for funds in the LEADER approach of the EULLE development program of the EAFRD Managing Authority, these two new measures of the joint task "Improvement of Agricultural Structure and Coastal Protection" (GAK) with the previous approaches of the local rural development support program in the LEADER approach to the new FLLE 2.0 summarized.

The promotion call as well as the selection criteria can be found on the right.

For individual questions about the promotion call we are at your disposal in the office of the LAG Rheinhessen.

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