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At the Concours International de Lyon there were twice gold for wines from Rheinhessen: for the 2016 Spätburgunder dry from the winery Diehl-Blees (Jugenheim) and the 2016 St. Laurent "S" from the Cistercian winery Michel (Dittelsheim-Hessloch).

In its issue 2/2019, the Austrian magazine Genuss gives readers an insight into the German Riesling scene. The tasters also took the 2016 Binger Riesling quartzite from the Riffel vineyard (Bingen) in the selection of the best price-enjoyment wines.

Britain's wine lady Jancis Robinson called for a Riesling night in London with a focus on Cabinet wines. The enthusiastic Rheinhessen representative in this round was the 2017 Riesling Cabinet from the winery KF Groebe (Westhofen).

The team of Jancis Robinson sent for his "spring Collection" wines from Germany and Austria in the national competition and was pleased in the end about "new discoveries". From Rheinhessen Christine Huff and Kai Schätzel collected the highest points in this international match with the 2017 Pettenthal Riesling dry from the winery Fritz Ekkehard Huff (Nierstein) and the 2015 Pettenthal Riesling GG from the winery Schätzel (Nierstein).

In the Meininger Sommelier Summit, the tasters present excellent red wines beyond Spätburgunder. From Rheinhessen could score: 2016 Rothe Bach Blaufränkisch and 2016 Lange Blaufränkisch, both from the winery St. Antony (Nierstein) and 2015 Portuguese reserve from the winery Braunewell (Essenheim).

The magazine Gastronomy Hotel Impulse sees Weißburgunder in Germany on the way to the top. In the top ten, the 2016 Weißburgunder Reserve from the Wittmann Winery (Westhofen) made it from Rheinhessen.

The pleasure magazine "falstaff" introduces the best 100 wines under 100 € and makes twice in this worldwide showcase of the big names a call for Rheinhessen: for the 2017 Rothenberg Riesling GG from the winery Gunderloch (Nackenheim) and the 2016 Rothenberg Riesling GG rootless from Kühling Gillot (Bodenheim).

"Everything except the usual Christoph Nicklas titled in Meininger's wine world his Orienteering in terms of" Orange ". The best Rheinhessen in the test (91 points each): 2017 Orange Silvaner Landwein from the Seitz winery (Stein-Bockenheim), 2017 The madness Fette Booty Landwein and 2016 Tacheles German wine - both from the Weingut Weinreich (Bechtheim) and 2017 Naive Silvaner Landwein from the winery Teschke (Gau-Algesheim).

"New wines that touch our hearts" is the editorial team of Meininger's weinwelt Monat for Mont. In the March issue under the "6 sells": 2017 Chardonnay wooden barrel from the winery Knewitz (Appenheim).

Six editors of the magazine "Vinum" have presented their favorites in the April issue for a peppy start of spring. From Rheinhessen, the 2018 Rosé dune nuit from the Winery Peth-Wetz (Bermersheim) gives the spring its right wing.

Comparing the best Merlots from Switzerland, Germany and Austria, the editors of Vinum have identified in their current issue 3 successful Merlot protagonists from Rheinhessen. In the tasting at the forefront: 2016 Merlot dry from the ecological winery Schmitt (Flörsheim-Dalsheim), 2015 Merlot dry from Geil's sparkling wine and winery (Bermersheim) and 2016 Merlot Grand Vintage from the winery Peth-Wetz (Bermersheim).

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