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Rheinterrasse Route

You can get an insight into the cozy Rhine villages wine villages along the Rheinterrassenroute, which is also the alternative to the bicycle route in times of high water.

Carl-Zuckmayer Denkmal

carl_zuckmayer Memorial-keyvisual

  Carl Zuckmayer, born on 27.12.1896 in Nackenheim, went down in history as a playwright and poet, but also as a wine connoisseur and epicure. His breakthrough as a…

Katharinenkirche Oppenheim

_uwe2739 © Uwe Feuerbach

The building, praised as the most beautiful Gothic church between Strasbourg and Cologne, is the epitome of Gothic architecture in Rheinhessen. In addition to the excellent…

Leininger Schloss

Leininger Schloss Brunnen

The Leininger castle in the center has a rich history. The shell was completed in 1708, to a further expansion, however, did not initially, because the then owner, Count…

National-Socialist Documentation Centre

Außenansicht ehemaliges KZ Osthofen

Permanent exhibition entitled 'Rhineland-Palatinate: the Nazi period in our region.' The exhibition focuses on two former concentration camps at Osthofen (near Worms) and…

Oppenheimer Kellerlabyrinth

Oppenheimer Kellerlabyrinth Alter Rundgang

With its extensive cellar facilities - built between the 12th and 17th centuries - Oppenheim has a unique cultural monument. Two circular routes through the underground city…

Roter Hang

3475-weinprasentation-on-red-hang-ullrich-just-Rheinhessen wine-ev © Ullrich Knapp / Rheinhessen wine eV

  The red hillside is a wine growing area with special optics between Nierstein and Nacenheim. The former formation emerged over 280 million years ago because of a…

Schloss Herrnsheim

Schloss Herrnsheim

  Located in the eponymous district called Herrnsheimer Castle stands on the remains of a 1460 created castle. From 1711 a baroque castle was built there, which was…

St. Martin's Cathedral

Dom St. Peter Worms, Westseite

  The double choir, romanic pillar basilica with transept was set up in 1125/1130 and 1181 on the fundament of the already built cathedral. The ' argument of the…

In millions of years, the Rhine has dug deeper and deeper into the relief. This is how the Rheinterrassen became the ideal basis for the cultivation of characteristic wines. From the Nibelungen and cathedral city of Worms to the gates of Mainz, the Rheinterrassen route leads from wine estate to vineyard and wine village to wine village - a relaxed wine tour.

Degree of difficulty

2 of 5

Recommended equipment

Backpacking, sunscreen and enough water.

Route guidance

The broad Oberrheingraben merges at its edges with steep slopes in the east into the Odenwald and in the west into the Rhenish Hessian hill country. In these landscapes, which are very productive for viticulture due to the intense sunshine, you can discover characterful wine villages, for which the Rheinterrassenroute is particularly suitable. From Worms, where it branches off from the Veloroute Rhein, the Rheinterrassenroute will soon reach Herrnsheim with its magnificent castle and palace gardens. From Osthofen, the places have completely dedicated to the wine and the route traverses miles of uninterrupted vineyards with many charming winegrowing in the villages in between. Between Oppenheim, Nierstein and Nackenheim the Rheinterrassenroute runs together with the bicycle route on the same route, but then separates again to visit with Nackenheim and Bodenheim again two major wine villages with some pretty winegrowing, before they leave the town center of Laubenheim again the Bicycle route Rhine turns.

Without long inclines, although with some small crests of 10 to 50 m in length, still suitable for all. For children and bicycles with trailers as well as for hand cyclists several difficult places (local thoroughfares with lots of traffic, on the road often tight curves, posts, pegs or crossings). Still suitable for racing bikes.

Route Character:


  • 13 km of economic and forest roads
  • 22.5 km bike paths
  • 13 km urban streets without cycle paths
  • 3.5 km out of town Roads without bike lanes


  • Completely on paved roads and paths.




From Rhein-Main
A5 / A67 exit 9-Lorsch, B47 direction Bürstadt / Worms, follow B47, signs towards Worms / B47 / A6 / B9 / Ludwigshafen, turn left onto Ludwigstraße / B47, turn left onto Philosophenstraße, continue on Friedrichsweg

From Rhein-Neckar
Take B9 to L523 in Worms, continue on Ludwigstraße / B47 (signs to Worms-Zentrum), turn right onto Philosophenstraße, continue on Friedrichsweg

public transport
Haptbahnhof Worms
The railway line Worms - Mainz accompanies the Rheinterrassenroute


Parking at the Friedrichsweg
400 m away from the building of the Wormser Reitvereinigung
Address: Friedrichsweg 95, D-67547 Worms

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Suggestions, abnormalities or defects?
Contact us by mail: (responsible for infrastructure and road description)

Contact details:

Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH
Kreuzhof 1
55268 Nieder-Olm
Tel .: (06136) 92398-0
Fax: (06136) 92398-79

Suggestions, abnormalities or defects?
Contact us by mail: (responsible for infrastructure and road description)

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