By Wolfgang Arnold, owner of the bookstore Carl Machwirth in Alzey

Book tip of the month April: "Everything flows. The Rhine - A journey"

"Everything flows" - with this quote by the Greek philosopher Herklit, Elke Heidenreich has written her new book about a journey from the source in Switzerland to the mouth of the North Sea in Holland. Together with the photographer Tom Krausz, the author accompanied the river for several weeks on its journey over more than 1200 km on foot, by car and especially by boat.

The result is a wonderful book about the most German of all rivers with many impressive photos. Elke Heidenreich used to write a wealth of books, notes and testimonies from writers, painters and river travelers from the past to the present day.

From page 135 and river kilometer 432, the author and photographer then come to Rheinhessen, more precisely to Worms. She describes in detail the significant history of the city, she exhaustively refers to the Nibelungenlied and reports on the Worms Reichstag in 1521 and the appearance of Martin Luther. Then the self-confessed wine lover turns to viticulture with its history in the region and the grape varieties of Rheinhessen. Here the wine connoisseur talks about the work of the winemakers and their excellent products and they are not stingy with much well-deserved praise! As a former long-time employee at ZDF, Elke Heidenreich Mainz also devotes a detailed chapter. In her accustomed pointed and ironic way, she also addresses the "never ending story" of the rivalry between Mainz and Wiesbaden. About 40 pages later she leaves our home region via Bingen and continues her journey in the direction of the Middle Rhine Valley with its castles and magnificent landscape features.

The often asked question "Why is it so beautiful on the Rhine?" does not turn up after reading this magnificent and entertaining book, because Elke Heidenreich has given many answers, and even in questionable developments on the left and right of the river never closes the eyes and shows them as usual critical. Go with Elke Heidenreich and Tom Krausz on a most enjoyable and entertaining journey on the "old father Rhine".

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Heidenreich, Elke - Everything flows. The Rhine- A journey / pictures / stories. With many photographs by Tom Krausz, Corso Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7374-0744-1, 253 pages, Euro 24.90

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