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At the Pinot Gris du monde (at the Concours des Grandes Vins Blancs 2019 in Strasbourg), one of the two rare German gold medals went to Rheinhessen - to the 2018 Grauer Burgunder dry "Premium" from the winegrowers of Rheinhessen Switzerland (Wöllstein).

"Who can, who can" titled Wein-Plus chief taster Marcus Hofschuster his conclusion to the tasting of the dry Rieslings from the year 2017. A challenging vintage with excellent reviews in the top, but also with disappointment when wines with nominally large (layer) Names did not live up to expectations. High-flyer was the winery Keller (Flörsheim-Dalsheim) with 4 wines in the top 10: 2017 Hipping Riesling GG, 2017 Pettenthal Riesling GG, 2017 Morstein Riesling GG and 2017 Brunnengäuschen GG "AbtsE". The top 20 Riesling vineyard wines from Germany also made the 2017 Rothenberg Riesling GG "wurzelecht" by Kühling-Gillot (Bodenheim), 2017 Hubacker Riesling GG from the Keller winery (Flörsheim-Dalsheim) and the 2017 Scharlachberg Riesling GG from the winery Wagner stamp (Siefersheim).

Same platform (wine plus), change of grape variety: Best of Pinot Noir. In the selection of the best from the vintage 2016 are from Rheinhessen: 2016 Johannisberg Pinot Noir from the winery Bischel (Appenheim), 2016 Paterberg Pinot Noir GG from the winery St. Antony (Nierstein), 2016 Pares Spätburgunder GG and 2016 Horn Spätburgunder GG - both from the winery J. Neus (Ingelheim) and 2016 hell Spätburgunder from the winery Thörle (Saulheim).

In the July issue of Der Feinschmecker journalist and author Dieter Braatz breaks a lance for the Scheurebe: "With its racy acidity and always lively fruit, the Scheurebe is an ideal summer wine." As a good companion to spicy to spicy food, he has 6 favorites from Rheinhessen ready: 2018 Westhofen Scheurebe "from limestone" from the winery Seehof (Westhofen), 2018 Scheurebe & Sauvignon Blanc dry from the vineyard Riffel (Bingen), 2018 Laubenheimer Scheurebe "Distelfink "From the winery Mirjam Schneider (Mainz), 2018 Ebersheimer Scheurebe dry" Kalkader "from the winery Eva Vollmer (Mainz), 2018 Scheurebe dry" limestone "from the winery Manz (Weinolsheim) and 2018 Scheurebe dry from the winery Wittmann (Westhofen) ,

Casual drinking pleasure, animating and light - under this motto the magazine GENUSS has been looking for interesting wines in the picnic baskets of the Germans. Among the best of the best is the 2018 Muskateller of Geil's sparkling wine and winery (Bermersheim); The 2018 Sauvignon Blanc from the Ernst Bretz winery (Bechtolsheim), the 2018 Weissburgunder Classic from the Cistercian winery Michel (Dittelsheim-Hessloch) and the 2018 Weissburgunder from Geil's sparkling wine and winery (Bermersheim) are also in the lead.

At the large Rheinwein test of the magazine Falstaff, two Riesling monuments from the Roter Hang shone with highest scores: 2017 Rothenberg Riesling GG from the Gunderloch winery (Nackenheim) and 2017 Rothenberg Riesling GG "wurzelecht" from Kühling Gillot (Bodenheim).

Same magazine, other grape variety: Chardonnay is announced and the taster team with Rainer Schäfer and dr. Ulrich Sautter is surprised by the terroir embossed wines. The highlights of Rheinhessen: 2017 Chardonnay Reserve t ...

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Glasses at workshop wine tasting

The teaser team of the British wine magazine Decanter presented its favorites among the dry German Rieslings of the vintage 2016 at the beginning of June. The first place ("exceptional" - 98 points) was won by the 2016 Heerkretz Riesling GG from the winery Wagner-Stempel (Siefersheim) in front of the 2016 Hipping Riesling GG from the winery St. Antony (Nierstein) and the 2016 Hipping Riesling GG by Kühling -Gillot (Bodenheim) - both rated as "outstanding" (96 points). At the end of May, DWI's Chinese Wines of Germany office hosted the...

Glasses at workshop wine tasting

"Germany's wonderful take on Pinot Noir," headlines the American James Suckling in his latest report. For the internationally renowned wine critic, Stuart Pigott focuses on the German Pinot Noir scene: "brighter aromas, more acidity and better color" is the triad with which he describes the essential changes in the style of this grape variety. In the ranks of the Top Ten Pinot Noirs from Germany shines also the 2015 hell Spätburgunder from the winery Thörle (Saulheim). The British wine icon Jancis Robinson is also on the Pinot Noir trip...

Glasses at workshop wine tasting

At the Riesling Night in Caravan's Kings Cross (London), the team of wine journalist Jancis Robinson staged a parade of the best German dry Rieslings and juxtaposes the great wines from the 2016 vintage with the matured vintage 2008 counterparts. The highest overall rating was achieved by the winery Keller (Flörsheim-Dalsheim) for the 2016 Hubacker Riesling GG and 2008 Hubacker Riesling GG. In this illustrious Riesling spectacle: 2016 parish Riesling GG and 2008 parish Riesling GG - both from the winery KF Groebe (Westhofen) and 2016...

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Rheinhessen winemakers celebrate great successes. What great awards went to Rheinhessen, you will find in our blog.

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