Die Crackers

on 06.07.2023 at 19:30 o'clock

When Die Crackers retired from more than ten years to happily and exuberantly spend their pension in Malle, to poison pigeons in the park, to scare grannies in the supermarket or to finally have a good night out - nobody thought that it would be urgently necessary to comment musically on the things of everyday madness, which is called life. No - these are truly not easy times: the AFD annoys all sensible democrats with its brown poisonous swamp, in Garzweiler the excavator eats through the cathedral of Immerath and the forest in Hambacher Forst on behalf of the lignite lobby, the oceans are decaying in plastic hail and many animal species are ending their careers on this planet because it is getting warmer and warmer and the polar ice caps are melting and the hurricanes and tropical storms are devastating the world and the Brazilian president is ravaging his rainforest. But what does all this have to do with the Crackers' music? Directly heard not much! But because a band like The Crackers has always sung and made music about topics that were in direct context to the current headlines of society and culture, they are in demand again.The classics from the band's repertoire then come out of the amplifiers, accompanied by one or the other new work on red-hot topics. Spend a nice evening in the Ludwig-Eckes-Halle at the Rheinhessen-Tag in Nieder-Olm.


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  • On 06.07.2023 at 19:30 o'clock


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Rheinhessen Tag
55268 Nieder-Olm



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