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Ernst Hutter & Die Egerländer Musikanten

Ingelheim am Rhein
on 23.01.2025 at 20:00 o'clock

"In their now over 65-year tradition and with unbroken joy in music, "Ernst Hutter & Die Egerländer Musikanten - Das Original" stand for a style of music and a taste in music that has not only drawn loyal fans in droves to the legendary orchestra's concerts for well over 6 decades, but has also made new and young audiences discover their love for this music year after year.

Return to the concert stages
In the times of the pandemic, many people missed the warmth of the rich Egerland brass band music and waited with longing for the return of "their" Egerland musicians to the concert stages. In these times of change and renunciation, many a person has experienced that the
"highest good in this world ... is not money", as it says in the lyrics of an Egerländer polka, but "love alone, love alone". And as Richard Wagner aptly said: "I cannot grasp the spirit of music in any other way than in love.

Polka from 1961 as tour motto
It is therefore no coincidence that Ernst Hutter, musical director of the "Egerländer Musikanten - Das Original" for 20 years now, has taken the motto for his anniversary tour from the title of precisely this polka by Frantisek Kuda and Franz Bummerl: "Ohne Liebe geht es nicht" ("Without love it won't work"), the lyrics of which were written by Egerländer legend and arranger Gerald Weinkopf together with lyricist Hans G. Orling. Already in 1961, "Ohne Liebe geht es nicht" appeared for the first time on the LP "Goldene Egerländer Melodien". Since then, it has been impossible to imagine the orchestra's repertoire without this successful song, just as "love" plays a major role in many traditional Egerland hits, and in all their facets, "whether in the love of our music or of our homeland", emphasises Ernst Hutter. He himself, a soloist with "Ernst Mosch & his Original Egerländer Musikanten" since 1986 as 1st tenor horn player - and thus the oldest member of today's line-up - has played this polka countless times, and also interpreted it again and again with "Ernst Hutter & Die Egerländer Musikanten - Das Original", as he did in 2008 on the "Without Borders" tour.

Live experience in concert
Even then, the orchestra leader sensed that "many fans of our orchestra live a kind of 'love affair' with us". Since then, he has experienced this in many conversations and again and again in more than 900 concerts. For the Egerländer leader, the motto "It doesn't work without love" is programme: "Love is one of the values for which our orchestra history has stood for over 65 years," says Ernst Hutter. "But trust, tolerance, respect, consideration, passion, honesty, reliability, friendship and loyalty are also part of it." This is exactly what is conveyed in the harmonious music of the Egerländer Musikanten, "the live experience we offer at our concerts transports precisely these values," says Ernst Hutter.

Home in Upper Swabia
In the meantime, the traditional melodies and classics from the Egerländer repertoire have been joined by successful original compositions, new styles have found their way in, and the "Egerländer Soloists' Parade" has become an integral part of the concerts. While preserving tradition, Ernst Hutter keeps the fire burning by integrating a young generation of musicians. The "Kleine Egerländer Besetzung - das Original" has become an integral part of the music scene. By founding "HutterMusic" with his sons Stephan, Martin and Julian as a family business and moving into the publishing building with rooms for workshops and productions in Amtzell in Upper Swabia, Ernst Hutter has paved the way for the "Egerländer Musikanten" into the future and ensured that not only the motto "Ohne Liebe geht es nicht" has been lived for 20 years, but also that the legacy of Ernst Mosch is carried on.

Tours from New York to Budapest
The studied trombonist has remained loyal to the Egerländer Musikanten even after the death of Ernst Mosch. In 2000, he took over the responsibility for the succession of the legendary orchestra founder and has led the orchestra under the name "Ernst Hutter & Die Egerländer Musikanten - Das Original" since 2003. The 50th and 60th anniversaries of the "Egerländer Musikanten" were celebrated in successful tours through many European countries. Concerts took them to Vienna, Berlin, Strasbourg, Lucerne, Kerkrade, Hamburg and Budapest. Among the highlights of the past 20 years were the 2006 concert at the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York.
Carnegie Hall in New York in 2006 and the orchestra's first guest performance in the Egerland at the Open Air in Cheb (Eger) in 2010. In addition, there were numerous CD and DVD productions
and television appearances, and to this day the "Egerländer Open-Air" on the open-air stage in Altusried or other large open-airs are among the annual highlights in the schedule, not to forget the "Egerländer Festwoche" in Leutasch / Tyrol.

Classics and new compositions
The current tour motto "Ohne Liebe geht es nicht" once again offers the audience a journey back in time to the history of the "Egerländer Musikanten", with classics and hits from the "Egerländer Musikantenmarsch" to "Bis bald auf Wiederseh'n", plus a colourful palette of contemporary new compositions such as "Graf Mercy Marsch" and "Egerländer Trompetensterne". And of course love set to music, whether in the Bohemian treat "Späte Liebe", the polka "Liebe und Musik" or the waltz "Liebe für's ganze Leben" - all of them Egerländer hits that will be heard in the "Great Jubilee Tour - 20 Years of Ernst Hutter". Of course, the melody that gives the tour its motto must not be missing: "It doesn't work without love" sing Katharina Praher and Nick Loris, and advise: "Fall in love today, don't wait, be clever and don't miss the time!
the time!"

You can't do it without love
Enough time has been missed in the past pandemic months since "Ernst Hutter & Die Egerländer Musikanten- Das Original" last presented their audience with Bohemian music at its finest, passionately and with the musical skill expected of them. A stylish stage ambience, pictures and connecting words guarantee the audience unforgettable musical hours during the tour "Ohne Liebe geht es nicht". And Ernst Hutter once again underlines the tour motto: "Love", he is sure, "makes our existence more valuable in all areas of life." And quietly he hums the melody of the refrain and the words of the lyrics prove him right: "Highest good in this world, ... you need it more than money". Edi Graf

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Venue: kING Kultur- und Kongresshalle (large hall)

Seating: ascending

Admission: 17:00

Hall admission: 5:30 p.m.

Start: 18:00 h

Organiser: Künstler- und Konzertmanagement Preisinger


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