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VON FLOCKEN - Künste & Klänge

Ingelheim am Rhein
on 15.07.2023 at 20:00 o'clock

Arts & Sounds

The organiser Ingelheimer Kultur und Marketing GmbH describes the event as follows:

In 2023, Ingelheimer Kultur und Marketing GmbH will once again play host to the Aula regia, the former throne room of Charlemagne in the Imperial Palace area, with a top-class summer cultural programme. Where once emperors and kings held court, the "Arts & Sounds" series will take place from 14 to 16 July in a special historical ambience.

Saturday 15 July / 8 pm

Von Flocken is indie pop music from Berlin, profound and light-footed, sombre and euphoric. Playful-bluesy guitars, spherical synths, poetic lyrics and a characteristic voice. Founded in 2016 by singer and songwriter Christoph Bietz, Von Flocken have played a total of more than 80 concerts in changing line-ups.

This band provides the soundtrack for summer: if you listen to "Palms of Cannes", the title track of the debut album, you can taste the sea salt, smell the sun's rays and already feel the festival dust under your feet. Flocken make pop music with small abysses beneath the catchy surface. The songs alternate between melancholy and elation - or are both at the same time.

The sound has been tweaked quite a bit for the tracks. And the songwriting too. Or rather the other way round: First Christoph meets ex-Vizediktator drummer Marcos Damaskopoulos; the two write some of the new songs together. Then Marcos drags Christoph to Sid Vision, a Berlin artist and producer, and a long inspiring and detail-oriented creative process begins.

"It took quite a while, we took a lot of time, but every single hour in the studio was worth it," Christoph says. "It was just an incredible fit, and we kept challenging each other. I've rarely been so happy with the finished songs as I was this time."

Everything is even more handmade, the guitar work more mature, the synth sound more versatile. Christoph has taken up electric bass as well as guitar, Marco's sticks and synths have been handled, guitarist Alexander Keppner, with the band since 2019, has contributed a few licks. A certain 80s reminiscence is hard to ignore, the songs sound modern and vintage at the same time. "We didn't want to go for a very specific sound aesthetic at all, but rather give each song exactly what it needs to function as a good pop song." To bring all this to the stages, bassist Ali Sayah has now joined the band. The first new singles from the album are to be released in 2022 - a live session has already been shot. Von Flocken is ready to leave:
preferably heading south, forgetting about time, off to the "Palms of Cannes".

If you have any questions, please contact the organiser.

Venue: Aula regia
Organiser: Ingelheim Culture and Marketing GmbH
Telephone: 06132.710 009 0
E-mail: info@ikum-ingelheim.de
Website: www.ikum-ingelheim.de

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  • On 15.07.2023 at 20:00 o'clock


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55218 Ingelheim am Rhein


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