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Winemaking with efficient use of resources

Healthy and fully ripe grapes are the conditions for a good wine. On the way to wine, the winemakers accompany the product freely according to the motto, which gives nature, as little as possible to influence and to get the best out of it. The careful handling of the grapes is the highest premise for outstanding wine qualities.

The foundation for resource-saving work is already laid in the planning and organization of the cellar. Thus, in many farms "vinified" in free fall, which means that the freshly pressed must run by itself into the cellar and the rubble can easily settle overnight on the bottom of the tank. This is very gentle on the product, saves pumping and thus energy.

The cleanliness of a cellar is extremely important, but the environmental impact of cleaning as well. Again, as little as possible, but as much as necessary.

Winegrowers are energy providers

Fermentation is temperature controlled. In order to make this as efficient as possible, state-of-the-art control elements are necessary, but also the necessary experience, which fermentation control has which effect on the quality of the final product. The energy is produced in many companies in in-house photovoltaic systems.

All in all, the new or rebuilt winery is planned in such a way that the standard of a passive house can be achieved. The use of photovoltaics, rainwater, pellets, pomace or geothermal heat are important resource solutions.

Rheinhessenwein eV is the initiator of the competition for the prize for sustainability for the supplier industry of the wine industry together with the Verein Ehemipiger Fachpüler Oppenheim and the service center rural area (Oppenheim). The competition gives impetus and encourages suppliers to find new solutions in all areas of wine production and marketing year after year.

The energy-saving cooling of the wine tanks, the utilization of the fermentation carbonic acid, an efficient management for the building air conditioning, rain water use and the treatment of waste water are some of the screws for more sustainability.
Rheinhessen wineries rely on modern technology and efficient use of resources.

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