Sympathetic, competent, quick-witted - the new wine majesties

Eva Müller is Rheinhessen's new wine queen

At the Festival of the Wine Majesties on September 16, 2019 in Worms, Eva Müller was elected the new Rheinhessian wine queen. The new wine aristocracy presented itself sympathetically, competently, with charm and quick-wittedness in the choice of the wine majesties on the Worms stage.

The new wine queen Eva Müller is 23 years old and in Wöllstein at home. The technician for viticulture and oenology from Wöllstein will represent the largest German wine-growing region in her tenure at about 200 appointments.

Andrea Böhm (23), teacher of biology and geography from Wörrstadt, Celine Feldmann (20), winegrower and budding viticulture student from Armsheim, Franziska Gröhl (23), B.Sc. Weinolsheim and Romina Paukner (24), Oecotrophologist from Gau-Odernheim, will be wine princesses together with Eva Müller and will be ambassadors for the wines and winemakers from Rheinhessen for one year.

Anna Göhring, Rheinhessen's former wine queen crowned her happy successor in front of over 400 guests. Jeweler Richard Sebastian Wagner presented the new crowns, which were manufactured in the Mainz studio Wagner-Madler for the new wine aristocracy. Martin Wunderlich from the Rheinhessische in Ingelheim, presented the wine queen the key to an Audi A 3 Cabriolet, which provides the energy service provider for the year.

Previously, Anna Göhring, Stephanie Eckert, Ellen Kneib, Rebecca Lamb and Julia Reich received a big thank-you from the Rheinhessen wine chairman Thomas Schätzel for the outgoing wine majesties.

Tobias Bieker moderated the exciting election program - with wit and a lot of feeling for the euphoric fan groups. The formation "That's Chic" brought the appropriate musical vibrations into the hall.

The candidates for Rheinhessen's Weinadel showed their qualities in conversation about wine and about Rheinhessen. Each of the applicants had a very personal film with her, to introduce herself to the audience. The wines of the evening also put the applicants skillfully in scene.

The audience was torn in the face of the candidates' presentations, and the jury was spoiled for choice between five excellent wine ambassadors who had come to great heights on the Worms stage.

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