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Board meeting on August 22, 2017

for the selection of voluntary citizen projects

On Tuesday, 22nd of August 2017, the decision-making body of the LAG Rheinhessen met. In this meeting, the submitted expressions of interest for the call for support "Voluntary Citizens Projects" were decided.

Twenty-two proposals were submitted to the LAG Rheinhessen on the 1st of August. The LAG Rheinhessen had to restrict itself to the selection of eight projects. As always with LEADER, all projects were scored and ranked on the basis of evaluation criteria. The first eight projects could receive funding.

The topics range from qualification measures for voluntary actors to the strengthening of neighborhood assistance or the acquisition of rider benches to projects in the environmental field. The following projects were selected:

  • ADFC training course for bike / e-bike tour guide / ADFC-TouristGuide as well as flyer and beach flag cycling group (bike and e-bike tour leader in Rheinhessen)
  • Presentation Short Film Culture and Wine Ambassador Rheinhessen (Cultural and Wine Ambassador Rheinhessen eV)
  • Project group TV Rheinterassen, Bodenheim (TV Rheinterasse, Bodenheim)
  • Mitfahrerbänke in the VG Eich (The Imp's VG Eich)
  • Signage and advertising measures for the areas of the "wild herb asylum" in the VG Wörrstadt (agenda group culture, leisure, tourism of the LA21 of the VG Wörrstadt)
  • Blossoming roadsides from Udenheim to Selz (regional group Rheinhessen of the network Blooming Landscape)
  • Citizens for citizens in Hackenheim - public relations and gaining new helpers and seeking help (citizens for citizens in Hackenheim)
  • Information board Historical village tour - Historic Saulheim, every house a piece of history (Dorfverein Saulheim)

The selected citizen projects can now look forward to a support of up to 2,000 euros.

The minutes of the meeting, as well as the supplementary circular resolution, we have set for you in the section "Download".

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