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The "100 Best Wines Under $ 30 (2018)", the American wine author James Suckling published in January 2019 on The 3 best Rheinhessen in this fine selection from the big wide wine world: 2017 Hell Riesling dry from the winery Thörle (Saulheim), 2017 Nierstein Riesling dry from the winery Keller (Flörsheim-Dalsheim) and 2017 Scharlachberg Riesling dry from the winery Riffel (Bingen) ,

Hubacker - the "once in a lifetime" tasting of the famous vineyard wine from the winery Keller (Flörsheim-Dalsheim): Michael Schmidt, the German expert from the team of the British wine journalist Jancis Robinson describes enthusiastically in the current issue of the spectacular vertical sample of the years 1997-2016 in the Landhaus Dubs (Osthofen), the collectors Hans Onstein from his private cellar stocked. The two high-flyer ratings in an overall outstanding collection existed for the 2002 Hubacker Riesling GG and the 2013 Hubacker Riesling GG.

In the Austrian magazine "Genuss" author Daniela Dejnega takes a look at the organic wine scene in a big tasting. The 2016 Heerkretz Silvaner "Elexier" from the winery Seyberth (Siefersheim) received an excellent rating (4 glasses / trophy winner).

At the Lagen-Cup Red of the gourmet portal "Gourmetwelten" 2 Rheinhessen made the leap to the podium: Second place went to the 2015 Teufelspfad Spätburgunder from the winery Braunewell (Essenheim), tied with the 2015 Rosenberg Spätburgunder *** from the winery Georg Gustav Huff ( Nierstein).

The only gold for Rheinhessen at this year's Mundus Vini Biofach went to the 2017 "Vom Rotliegende" Riesling dry from the winery Wittmann (Westhofen).

The wine magazine "Vinum" portrays the sparkling wine house Raumland (Flörsheim-Dalsheim) in its current issue as one of the "Unique wineries of the world" and presents the top seige 2013 Cuvée Katharina brut, 2010 X. Triumvirate Grande Cuvée brut and 2008 Vintage Blanc de blancs extra brut out. Also to the circle of

"Winery of the world" "Vinum" is the winery Wagner stamp with the tips 2017 Siefersheim Riesling Porphyry, 2017 Heerkretz Riesling GG and 2016 Siefersheim Pinot Noir.

The award of the RegentForum for the best Regent-Producer 2018 in the category "Large Winery" went to the winery Ernst Bretz (Bechtolsheim) - with the flagship 2015 Regent Trocken Barrique. Also in the category "Small winery" went the first place to Rheinhessen - to the winery Boller-Klonek (Stadecken-Elsheim) - with the flagship 2017 Regent red wine dry.

Sommelier Nils Lackner agrees in the "Sylt Rundschau" from February 8, 2019, the Song of Songs of the wine on the blood brother collection from the winery Karl May (Osthofen). "Earlier, Karl May wrote good books. Today Karl May stands for good wines from Rheinhessen. "Is the credo Lackners. Protagonist of the series is the 2016 blood brother red dry.

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