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Promotion of basic services in rural areas

The Joint Task for the Improvement of Agricultural Structure and Coastal Protection (CCP) offers two new support measures. In Rhineland-Palatinate, these measures are implemented in the LEADER regions as part of the "Development Program for Environmental Measures, Agriculture, Rural Development and Nutrition" (EULLE for short). For this purpose, the state has published a call for funding and has invited the following measures for the submission of project proposals:

1) Promotion of micro-enterprises of universal service (GAK 8.0)

Under GAK 8.0, self-employed micro-entrepreneurs with fewer than 10 employees and annual sales of less than € 2 million can receive grants equivalent to 40% of the eligible expenditure as de minimis aid.

2) Local Basic Services Facility (GAK 9.0)

Under GAK 9.0, municipalities, associations of municipalities, groups of participants and their associations as well as non-profit legal entities may receive subsidies amounting to 60% of eligible expenditure and natural persons, partnerships, other legal persons under public law and private law eligible expenditure.

For the two funding measures, around EUR 3.1 million (including commitment appropriations) will be earmarked for 2017.

The projects must be in a LEADER area. The projects are selected by the LAG Rheinhessen. The promotion call and the selection criteria can be found on the left.