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Rheinhessen modern - regional wines, exceptional fires and good food. philosophy The Böhm family has been managing their winery since the middle of the 19th century. Today Stefan and Monika Böhm build 20 hectares of diverse, regional red and white wine varieties. They process them gently and lovingly to wines, sparkling or also pure grape juices. From the in-house distillery comes an exceptionally wide range of fine fruit and pomace brandies and liqueurs. particularities For wine shopping and wine enjoyment, the new...

Restaurant, beer garden, beer coach, Woitraub, Wintergärtle Kitchen: fine dining, classic French, modern interpretation Tip: Versatile menu with creative, modern and exclusive dishes; At noon: Assemble your individual menu from our lunch menu. Price category for a main course of the evening menu: up to 24 EUR Awards: The Mainzer, Aral, Varta, Gourmet, Marcellino's, Michelin * Seats: inside 45, outside 60, closed Gesell. possible, sep. room 5 - 400 Hot food: Lunch 12 - 14.30, 19 - 21.30 Open Rheinhessen wines: 8...

Operating mode: Restaurant Cuisine: seasonal, regional, good for allergy sufferers Genusswerkstatt Menges, behind which is the craft restaurant - here the knowledge of the grandparents is combined with the technology of today. The restaurant is housed in an old bakery from 1832. The wines are from Rheinhessen. Even baked bread without additives. It is cooked as the seasons change, with an original understanding of aromas and smells. There is deliberately no meat from factory farming. Cattle, pigs and poultry come from German farmers -...

Operating mode: Gutsschänke Cuisine: seasonal, regional, vegetarian, vegan, allergy friendly Winegrowing has been a tradition of the Buhl family since 1775. In the large and seasonally decorated courtyard, 40 of the total of 100 seats are covered. The large vine, the pavilion and the beautiful view of trees and vine leaves invite you to linger. Petra Buhl, holistic nutritionist and organic wholefood chef, brings the finest food and house wines to the bar. Family Buhl are also sponsors and member of "Slow Food" Germany and...

  Operating mode: Give Inn  Cuisine: seasonal, regional, vegetarian, vegan, allergy-friendly In addition to viticulture, which has been converted to organic since 2002, the Give Inn has been very popular since 1997. Open all year round, it invites you to celebrate in a cozy, family atmosphere - be it a birthday, wedding or other occasions. Traditional, modern or classic - in the Mengel-Eppelmann Give Inn , guests are just right for every occasion. The Mengel-Eppelmann family  welcomes warmly  the visitors. Hot...

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