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Even on the foolish days is "200 Years Rheinhessen" strongly represented: Let's go tonight in the "mother" of all carnival broadcasts "Mainz remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs." Rheinhessen anniversary ambassador Lars Reichow is a "carnival journal" presenter. It's worth taking a look - and listen carefully. Betting that Rheinhessen will also be a news topic? Let's start at 20:15 on ZDF, Reichow enters the stage around 10:20 pm.

Tomorrow it works or rather it goes straight on: "De Zoch kutt" - that's how you call in Cologne, but also in Mainz the fools are on the streets again on the carnival days: The carnival is traditionally in the sign of the offspring: The Mainzer Jugendmaskenzug runs this year under the Rheinhessen motto "200 years Rheinhessenland brings everyone out of control. The Meenzer Youth is celebrating - laughs at Füssenacht on the occasion of the jubilee year. "This motto is at the same time the binding requirement for costume design for the participating foot groups. Exciting, how the children and young people will implement the Rheinhessen topic here! A foolish report follows.

The undisputed highlight of Mainzer Straßenfastnacht is the Rosenmontagszug. On Monday, point 11:11 clock he rolls back through the city center of Mainz. In the anniversary year 2016, Rheinhessen will be present live for the first time, right in the middle, with its own motive car! "A true fool is rhoihessish, cordial, määnzerisch without saying" - this is the motto of the car with the train number 54. In cooperation with the Mainz Carnival Association in recent weeks and in many working hours, a real eye-catcher emerged: enthroned in the center the Till, one of the symbolic figures of the Mainz carnival, with Weck, Worscht and (Rheinhessen) wine in hand ... Nationwide attention for the Rheinhessen anniversary is guaranteed, after all ARD and SWR live broadcast from Mainz.

And because the motive trolley is far too beautiful to be extended only once, Rheinhessen Marketing sends the car on tour several times this year, for example during the parade on the occasion of the Rhineland-Palatinate day in Alzey on 5 June. At the ceremonial act on 8 July in the Staatstheater Mainz, the car parked attention-grabbing on Gutenbergplatz - but then without Till, but instead (attention, rhyme!) With a real Rheinhessen. (To you)

In this sense: A threefold thundering Helau on Rheinhessen!

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