Hildegard von Bingen Exhibition at the Museum am Strom, © Jochen Tack© Jochen Tack

Visionary and saint

Hildegard von Bingen

Like no other woman of the Middle Ages, Hildegard von Bingen still fascinates people from all over the world today. The polymath is one of the most remarkable figures of our time and with her teaching of harmony of body and soul more relevant than ever. Discover their most important places of activity during a visit to Bingen and Rheinhessen. On our topic page about Hildegard von Bingen you will find information and inspiration summarized.


      headquarters Landmark of the Rochusberg is the 1895 in neo-gothic style built Pilgrimage church St. Rochus. The first chapel was built in 1666 built. At this time, the Rochus pilgrimage goes back with Rochusfest, special The equipment feature is the Hildegard and Rupertus altar from 1895: The Hildegard altar shows scenes from the Life of the saints (outside worship times is only the church vestibule open).     In the Hildegard Forum The Sisters of the Cross are engaged in...


  At 1150 Hildegard von Bingen left the Frauenklause at the monastery with 20 companions Disibodenberg, after her debut work "Liber Scivias" great notoriety had attained. She founded her first monastery on Rupertsberg Bingen. Here was the abbess, who now retired Klausnerinnenleben in favor of a public service gave up, following the important Traffic routes of the Rhine. Probably between 1155/58 and 1165 the new one was born Monastic complex with the three-aisled, representative church in the center. In In her almost...

Außenansicht Museum

With the Hildegard jubilee in 1998, the Historical Museum on the River - Hildegard von Bingen, the former electricity generating station on the bank of the Rhine River, opened its doors. There is a large department dedicated to Hildegard, the universal scholar and theologist. The museum offers something very special: a complete set of surgical instruments from the Roman days, discovered during renovation work in Bingen. A further department focuses on the Rhine Romantic epoch. In a unique way, the 200-year epoch is illustrated using, among...

Zimmer 2

  Set high up on the Rochusberg hill amidst vineyards and orchards, is the Hildegard Forum and the convent of the Sisters of the Cross. Part of the convent has been turned into 13 accessible hotel rooms. Our rooms offer exceptional sleeping comfort and contemporary technology.  

On the way with Kristin

On Hildegard von Bingen's footsteps

Kristin from the blog Rheinhessenliebe, embarks on an exciting journey of discovery through Bingen. What you experienced exactly, you will find out in your blog.

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