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Discover Rheinhessen from another point of view

Historic towers and special viewpoints in Rheinhessen

Get to know your favorite region from a different angle. Where, if not on a tower or a vantage point, the entire beauty of Rheinhessen can best be admired. Discover the great vision and the unique magic of the 1000 hills to a whole new range of visibility. In addition, the viewpoints serve as great photo spots for unforgettable shots. But not only the view on one of the towers is worthwhile, these are also great eye-catchers with exciting stories.

Napoleons Telegraf

  Non-historical replica of the 21st (penultimate) telegraph station, which was built in 1813 between Elsheim, Schwabenheim and Wackernheim to close the network of the then new telegraph between Metz and the then French city of Mainz. Reconstruction in 2016 and supported with LEADER funds. Contribution of the local community of Stadecken-Elsheim to the 200th anniversary of Rheinhessen. Text provided by the local community of Stadecken-Elsheim.  

Aussichtspunkt Burgruine Neu-Bamberg

  The castle Neu Baumburg, also called Neu-Bamberg, Neubamberg, is the ruin of an elevated castle above the community Neu-Bamberg. It was built around 1253 by the Raugrafen, mentioned in 1253 as "Novum castrum apud Sarlesheim" and in 1283 in the possession of the Raugrafen Heinrich II of Neuenbaumburg. On April 12, 1338, half of the castle and the village was pledged by the roughnecks to Archbishop Heinrich III of Mainz for 1,300 pounds of heller and on March 11, 1419, Archbishop Johann II of Mainz and Count Johann V of...

Burgunderturm im Rebenmeer

  The striking Burgundy Tower, which catches the eye from afar, stands in the middle of the sea of vines and bears its colour in honour of the partner region of Burgundy. On the viewing platform or on the three balconies of the tower, you can not only let the wind blow around your nose, but also enjoy the first of many fantastic views over Rheinhessen and its vineyards that the Hiwweltour Neuborn has to offer.  

Weg zum Ajaxturm

  The Ajaxturm, which was named in 1865, is located in the corridor "Heerkretz". The legendary vineyard tower, which is unusual in size and shape, can be found in the Siefersheim coat of arms. The following story is told about the origin of the Ajaxturm: At the beginning of the 19th century there lived in Siefersheim a rich farmer's son, beautiful in figure and a lively dancer. When he walked through the streets, many a shy girl's gaze followed him. Even the daughter of the miller from the "Katzensteiger" mill was in love with him....


The Wartbergturm was officially registered for the first time in 1420. It is the landmark of Alzey and has served for military purposes over the centuries. The tower was destroyed during a bomb attack on the 08.01.1945. The town was saved from the bomb attack because the enemy off-loaded all the bombs on the Wartbergturm due to a navigational error. Today the Wartbergturm is recognized as the "Saviour" of Alzey by the people of the town. After 1945 a reconstruction of the tower took place as a thank-you gesture but, unfortunately, it was...

lgs_hr_bs_146tourist-informaton-bingen_1 © Tourist Information Bingen

Mäuseturm (Mouse Tower) The Mouse Tower in Binger Loch is located on an inaccessible island and is, next to Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, the only defence tower and watch tower in the middle of the Rhine. Together with Ehrenfels Castle, the Tower forms an ensemble of customs buildings. According to legend, its builder, the Archbishop of Mainz, Hatto I, is said to have denied the poor access to his granaries, burned them in the barn and scorned them as “corn mice” - whereupon he was eaten alive by thousands of mice. The Mouse...


  Anyone who has mastered Sprendlingen's sporting ascent on the high-altitude hiking trail will see an extraordinary tower on the hill between Ober-Hilbersheim and Sprendlingen - the Napoleonsturm. The Napoleon's Tower with its signal arms is modelled on a historical telegraph pole, with which the first short messages were sent over a distance of 12 kilometres in Napoleonic times. So to say the first SMS in history. The signal arms correspond to the "Chappe system", which was developed by the Chappe brothers in France at the time of...


  The oldest reference to this six-storey tower dates from 1366 when it is referred to as the "new tower". The Holzturm was part of the Rhine bank section of the city wall, linking the old centre and the fishing village of Selenhofen, which was incorporated into the fortifications around that time. Its distinct shape is the result of refurbishments in the early 15th century when the tower was converted into a prison. While its height, masonry work, quoins and ledges are similar to those of the Eisenturm, the Holzturm is more slender...

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