Hiworld tour Aulheim valley

Wine, woods and meadows. On no other Hiwweltour the trail profile is as varied as on the Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal and with the Flonheimer Trullo the trail also has a very special attraction.

The Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal in Rheinhessen is the longest of Hiwweltouren and offers great scenic variety. The attractive hiking trail leads through vineyards, meadows and through the forest. Various vantage points reward with great panoramic views over the Aulheim valley and the region, which is not for nothing called "Rheinhessen Switzerland". With the Flonheimer Trullo also a very special highlight and a great photo opportunity awaits the hiker.


Distance character


Degree of difficulty

2 of 5

Recommended equipment

Sturdy shoes, hiking clothes, backpack catering

Route guidance

The Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal starts in the Rheinhessen wine village Flonheim. Other entry points are also at the ghost mill and in the villages of Bornheim and Lonsheim.

If you feel like it, you can already explore the small town Flonheim with many historic buildings made of local sandstone and the excellent gastronomy before the actual hike,

The first section of the hike follows the idyllic Wiesbachtal valley to the Geistermühle, a historic mill homestead with a beautiful framework, which today is a renowned winery.

The Wiesbachtal slowly passes into the Aulheim valley. Below the Rabenkanzel you will pass old volcanic andesite quarries, while the Hiworld tour follows the Aulheim ditch to the Aulheim mill, a manor between meadows and vineyards.

Now the trail leads up to the Adelberg. At the end of the climb through the vineyard, the Flonheimer Trullo waits. The famous landmark of the region is a white round house with a pitched roof, built in 1756 (probably) by Apulian guest workers working in local quarries. Right next to the trullo tables and benches invite you to a relaxed picnic.

The route continues to the flank of the Aulheimer valley. Vineyards, unspoiled hedges and grasses characterize the landscape here. And again, beautiful views of the expanse of the valley await.

The next stage of this hi-surf tour is through the forest. Fresh air, pleasant forest soil and a very special silence accompany the hiker on the next kilometers. The Lonsheimer tower towers halfway out of the trees. If you overcome the steep spiral staircase, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the tree tops in the surrounding nature.

The trail now leads between forest edge and grapevines to Oswaldhöhe. From the viewpoint of the same name you can let your gaze wander over the Rhenish Hessian town of Bornheim, a little later in the lookout tower in Wingert offers a different view over the vineyards.

The Hiwweltour again leads into the forest, past the Sedanplatz and impressive sandstone quarries, which are typical of the region around Flonheim. Finally, you reach the rustic Naturfreundehaus, which marks the last stage of this Hiwweltour.

The last few meters of the hike run through the middle of the vineyards to the Jewish cemetery in Flonheim, whose tombstones were mainly made of said Flonheim sandstone. From here, a branch leads back to the charming village of the small wine village.








By car:
A61 or A63 exit Flonheim, on L408 direction Flonheim, turn left onto Bornheimer Landstraße, left again into Bahnhofstraße, then right into Berliner Straße until you reach Zuweg at the Adelberghalle in Flonheim .

Another, direct entry point is located on the trail parking lot at the ghost mill . Alternatively, there are two other official routes to Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal: an access road from the village Bornheim and an access road from Lonsheim .

By public transport:
How to get to Alzey train station, then bus 446 to Flonheim stop, Marktplatz (Mon - Fri.)


Parking at the Adelberghalle
Address: Berliner Strasse 16, 55237 Flonheim


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Wine, forest and steppe

Hiking report to Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal

Susanne Krebs discovers Rheinhessen. In her blog post, she explores on the Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal the most famous vineyard cottage in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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