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In its current issue, the professional magazine Weinwirtschaft has published the "Wines of the Year" - that is 100 wines that "bring class and volume to a common denominator." From Rheinhessen are: 2017 Riesling dry from the winery Wittmann (Westhofen), 2017 Wunderburg Pinot Gris from the Dreissigacker winery (Bechtheim), 2017 Hohen-Sülzen Riesling from Battenfeld Spanier (Hohen-Sülzen) and 2017 Saulheim Riesling limestone from the Thörle winery (Saulheim). The 2013 cuvée Katharina brut from the sparkling wine house Raumland (Flörsheim-Dalsheim) made it into the top 3 of the best caskets from traditional bottle fermentation.

"These wines will delight your guests in 2019" promises Austrian sommeliers on the blog "Kalk & Kegel". Sommelier Emmanuel Rosier (Windischgrätzerhöhe, Bad Gastein) swears by milk and is blown away by the 2016 Blue Chard Chardonnay from the winery Milch (Monsheim) - "Go! Fantastic stuff! "

On the gourmet portal "Gourmetwelten" Niko Rechenberg presents the collections of the year - the discoveries from 2018 and thus the favorite wines for 2019.

The winegrowers from Rheinhessen have supporting roles with these wines: 2017 Grauer Burgunder "R" from Kühling-Gillot (Bodenheim), Riesling CO XIII from Battenfeld Spanier (Hohen-Sülzen), 2012 Cuvée Pinot Orange from the Strauch Sektmanufaktur (Osthofen ), 2017 Nico Espenschied Riesling "Heart + Hand" from the winery Espenhof (Flonheim) and 2016 Schlossberg Riesling from the winery Werther Windisch (Mommenheim).

Every year, the gourmet magazine "Der Feinschmecker" presents the winning wines of the Riesling Cup on a big stage in the "Bayerischer Hof" in Munich. Two of the coveted 15 invitations went to Rheinhessen - to the 2017 Niersteiner Pettenthal Riesling from the Manz winery (Weinolsheim) and the 2017 Hipping Riesling GG from the Gunderloch winery (Nackenheim).

Sparkling success stories from the German Sparkling Wine Award 2018 from the magazine "Vinum": 1st place in the burgundy champagne category was won by the 2010 Pinot Blanc de noir Prestige brut and 2nd place in the 2008 Vintage Blanc de blancs extra brut - both from Sparkling Wine House Raumland (Flörsheim- Dalsheim), in the category rosé champagne there was 2nd place for the 2015 Pinot Noir Rosé extra brut from the Flik Sektmanufaktur (Mainz). Third place went to the 2012 Rosé Prestige brut from the Sparkasse Raumland (Flörsheim-Dalsheim) and a special jury award to the 2016 Nico Espenschied "Rote Brause" (Pet Nat from Syrah and Cabernet Franc) from the winery Espenhof (Flonheim).

The Genuss magazine Falstaff has dedicated a special edition to the sparkling wine - combined with a large sparkling wine tasting. Time and again on the winners podium: the sparkling wine house Raumland (Flörsheim-Dalsheim). Raumlands 2010 X. Grande Cuvée brut was awarded as the best vintage from Germany, in the category "Brut Nature" its 2007 Vintage Chardonnay brut nature took 2nd place and in the category "Non Vintage" 3rd place went for Riesling brut as well the champagne artist from Flörsheim-Dalsheim.

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