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Stage presentation on a smaller scale

Kleinkunstbühnen in Rheinhessen

Discover the diverse range of cabarets in Rheinhessen. From cabaret to music and theater there is something for every taste. Spend a fun evening in a family environment.

Kultur auf dem Hof innen

Culture in the yard - the cabaret stage in the Weyell winery looks back on a long family history. The large-framed farmstead was built in 1713 and has been family-owned since 1850. Not only winegrowing has a long tradition here, agriculture was also one of the activities of the Weyell family. In 1995 a family member had the idea to use the large courtyard for an event, and thus the cabaret stage was born. Whether cabaret, comedy or live music, the offered program is versatile and takes place in the cold season also in the in-house vaulted...

Das Theater Streu Licht in Schornsheim

  The Theater Streu Licht in Schornsheim was built in 2018 by Susanne Schwarz and Geoffrey Steinherz founded.           In our small theater space - a former horse stable - is the audience Experience theater, music and literature up close. Depending on what's on offer is, the seating varies.     Between 30 and 70 spectators can find a seat here.           Our Background, the profession:     Susanne leads Directed, works...


  Since June 2002, there is the small, lively theater in the barn. For more than 15 years you will experience and feel up close, in a homely atmosphere and a unique ambience dedicated theater - contemporary, classical and comedic as well as cabaret and musical events, always for your entertainment and sometimes for reflection Many an insider tip began its triumphal procession on German stages here in our more than 300 years old barn, such as the solo cabaret career of the sympathetic and successful Mainz Tobias Mann.  

Oberhaus AZ Theke

The Kleinkunstbühne Oberhaus is a cultural highlight of Alzey's city center and offers something for everyone with a varied program. Whether comedy, cabaret or live band, on the 7 x 4 meter stage is enough space for any kind of art. Apart from that, visitors can participate in advance with whiskey tastings or prove their skills in a darts tournament. There are also regular parties in the upper house! With its 10 meters in length, the counter is one of the longest Alzeys, the music design is varied, gladly the 80s and 90s are revived...

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