Das Theater Streu Licht in Schornsheim


Theater Streu Licht in Schornsheim was built in 2018 by Susanne Schwarz and Geoffrey
Steinherz founded.






our small theater space - a former horse stable - is the audience
Experience theater, music and literature up close. Depending on what's on offer
is, the seating varies.



30 and 70 spectators can find a seat here.






Background, the profession:



Susanne leads
Directed, works dramaturgically and designs the stage design.



She is a member
in the association of free professional theaters in Rhineland-Palatinate.






Geoffrey is
Spokesman for English and Translator. He is always on stage and
in front of the camera, sometimes speaking, sometimes singing, sometimes with own songs, sometimes with
others. And he leads our little workshop.






who do we want to do theater?



our region, the district of Alzey-Worms, and for all those from further afield
do not shy away from the path. For children, adolescents and the young at heart.



our heart is music theater, theater with music,
Literature and pure music (concert).






why such a venture?



find: Theater has to be. Where would we go without the theater? Theater is the one
most beautiful place where everything is possible, where head and heart enter into a liaison.



can, like any art, move a lot in the mind. It can take a stand and
help us to remember what is important. Theater and music
overcome boundaries, create exchange and bring people together. Nice
That's why spaces for theater and music are more important than ever.






We wish to see as many people as possible with our love for the theater
to infect.






We have
Found: Actually, every place in the world has a story. And as us
We decided for Schornsheim, we saw: that's the way it is here.



historic past in the house, courtyard and village, two churches, one
Jewish cemetery, swallows, blackbirds, tits, redstart, starlings and some
more are inspiring and inspiring us for further theater projects in the future.






All this surrounded by windmills and vines as far as that
Eye is enough.



For now we are satisfied
to make you curious about what is happening here and

look forward to encounters, impulses, dialogue, theater, music, on






Maybe soon - here in the theater Streu Licht!

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