The board of LAG Rheinhessen with regional leanwoman Sandra Lange (missing Gerhard Jordan, Dominik Ostendorf, Heike Espenschied, Gaby Schott and Otto Schätzel), © LAG Rheinhessen© LAG Rheinhessen

The Local Action Group (LAG) is composed of the board -as decision-making body, the general meeting -as a strategic role -and the regional management - as a branch office.

Together, we implement the goals of the Local Development Strategy (LILE) of the LEADER Rheinhessen region.

Our guide to action is the Local Development Strategy (LILE). In this strategy, the goals are captured on the appropriate action fields to our motto "Zukunftsregion Rheinhessen authentic - enjoyable - sustainable".

The board

The board is the decision-making body of our LAG. It consists of 22 voting board members. These are public partners, economic and social partners and civil society. The board members thus represent the interests of different groups of people in the LEADER area.

The LAG is chaired by District Administrator Ernst Walter Görisch from the district of Alzey-Worms. Substitute is the legal representative of the district of Mainz-Bingen.

The general meeting

The general meeting meets at least once a year. It currently has 47 member institutions from the public and private sectors and serves as a controlling function of the Executive Board. The core tasks of the General Assembly are: the decision-making of the strategy of the LILE implementation, as well as its implementation and the acquisition of further actors for the individual project groups.

The regional management

The regional management leads the office of the LAG and supervises the project development and conversion. It is the interface between the regional Akuteren and the LAG Rheinhessen and guarantees the flow of information in both directions. It therefore primarily performs the following tasks in coordination with the LAG Executive Board:

  • Management of the LAG
  • Organization of the LEADER regional management process
  • Project-related consulting services
  • Regional strategic dialogue, monitoring and evasion
  • public relation
  • Conceptual support and consulting cooperation projects

We are your first point of contact if you have questions about LEADER.

  • Sandra Lange (Regional Manager)

06731 / 408-1022

  • Mareike Fox (clerk of the office)

06731 / 408-1023

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