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The Local Action Group (LAG) Rheinhessen also has the opportunity this year to promote "volunteer citizen projects" with state funds. Through this promotion, volunteers in the LEADER region Rheinhessen have the opportunity for small projects with charitable character to receive unbureaucratic support. In total, the LEADER Region Rheinhessen has funds of 15,000 euros available for this purpose.

It addresses non-profit organizations, associations, interest groups or loose associations of individuals that help to strengthen volunteer engagement in the LEADER region. You can receive support of up to 2,000 euros per individual measure. Above all, projects are to be promoted that contribute to the further education and qualification of volunteer work or that also show ways in which people can be won more for volunteer work.

The sequence

  1. Submission of expressions of interest to the LAG office until May 25, 2018
  2. Evaluation and selection of projects on the basis of selection criteria in the competition procedure by the LAG decision-making body
  3. Conclusion of a target agreement with the LAG Rheinhessen
  4. After completion of the citizen project: submission of the cost statement and the implementation report to the LAG office until the end of October 2018
  5. Payment of funds by the LAG office

The promotion


  • Non-profit organizations, associations, interest groups or loose associations of individuals are supported
  • No promotion of political parties, municipal bodies, sports clubs or companies, as well as individuals


  • With the citizen project a charitable concern must be implemented
  • Material costs are eligible, possible work is to be provided voluntarily

How much?

  • The amount of funding depends on the number of points achieved in the project selection criteria: basic funding (at least 5 points) max. 1,000 euros; Premium promotion (at least 10 points) max. 2,000 euros
  • It is a fixed amount promotion. The amount of the subsidy may not exceed the amount of the investment costs

The selection criteria

  • The project is innovative
  • The project is regionally effective
  • The project contributes / proposes a solution to the "Future of Volunteering"
  • The project contributes to the qualification of the honorary office

Depending on the degree of goal achievement, up to 10 points can be awarded for each selection criterion. A project has to achieve at least 5 points (basic funding). A premium grant may be awarded to individual projects that contribute to the attainment of at least three cross-cutting objectives in accordance with paragraph 6 of the LILE and which achieve a minimum score of 10 points.

The facts at a glance
Funding budget: 15,000 euros (state funds)
Date of the promotion call: March 27, 2018
Submission deadline for expressions of interest: May 25, 2018
Project selection by the LAG Rheinhessen: Mid-June 2018
Deadline for the final settlement
(Submission of implementation reports
and invoices at the LAG Rheinhessen):
October 31, 2018

Further information and the corresponding forms can be found on the left.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office of LAG Rheinhessen.

LAG Rheinhessen
Sandra Lange (Regional Manager)
Mareike Fox (clerk of the office)

c / o Wirtschaftsförderungs-GmbH for the district of Alzey-Worms
Ernst-Ludwig-Strasse 36
55232 Alzey

Tel. 06731/408 - 1022 or -1023; Fax 06731/408 1500, ;

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