Luther year 2021

Luther and the reformation in Worms

Luther's refusal to recant at the Wormser Reichstag in 1521 has left clearly visible traces in history and the present day. In 1521, Emperor Charles V had Luther summoned to the Imperial Diet in Worms to recant his writings. The Reformation took its course. 2021 is the 500th anniversary of Luther's refusal to recant, and a comprehensive programme awaits you in Worms around this anniversary!

Luther was in Worms for ten days. Pope Leo X. imposed the church ban on him in January 1521. The so called "Reichsacht" through the romanian-german emperor Karl V. would have been the usual consequence to track Luther and to prohibit his publications. But the german lords, who pressed more for autonomy, wrestled a hearing on the Reichstag in Worms from the emperor on the 18th of April in 1521 and also the promise of free escort. Luther refused the revocation of his puclications on the 18th of April in the bishop's court in Worms referring to his conscience. The day after the emperor confirmed the free escort but announced that he will pronounce the "Reichsacht". The saxon elector Friedrich der Weise ensured with the help of a cunning sham attack that Luther got to the Wartburg castle safely. The Worms scene of refusion of revocation is considered as a historical impulse for the development of freedom of conscience.

In 2021 is the 500th anniversary of this event. The city of Worms plans together with the protestant church a diverse annual program because of that. The opening weekend starts on the 17th of April with the national exhibition "Here I stand- consciennce and protest- 1521 to 2021" in the Andreassstift museum which can be seen until the 31st of october. In the night of the 18th of April Luther's time of connsideration and his huge daring are being multimedially staged and multiplied nationwide by the EKHN and EKD. From the 16th of July to the 1st of August the Nibelungen festivals show the worldwide premiere of a Luther play by the Georg-Büchner award winner Lukas Bärfuss.

Over the whole year the stations of the educational and adventure course "Luther 1521" between the Heylshof park and the church of trinity can be visited, also the Luther round tour that leads on the traces of Luther through Worms as well as the bigh reformation monument by Ernst Rietschel in the middle of the city centre.


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