Anniversary champagne 1816, © K.Bauer© K.Bauer

Anniversary champagne 1816

Magical Moments: Riesling "1816" Winzersekt

His name: "1816". Riesling "1816". His mission: As the top product of the producer group Winzersekt in Sprendlingen, he wants to set an example in the anniversary year of Rheinhessen.

With excellent quality. With classically noble appearance. With a message that includes the great birthday of the Rheinhessen as well as the great quality work of the Sprendlinger Winzersekt-Meister. With a fascination for the senses that these very finest pearls have always evoked in humans.

The "1816" Riesling brut is a great birthday present from the Winzersekt inventors from Sprendlingen. Initiated by the impulsive power of the Rheinhessen "Allez hopp". Implemented by a creative quality management. Equipped with a wealth of experience from the best winemaker skills, predestined Riesling vineyards and the successful interaction with nature. Versektet and matured after the ritual of classic bottle fermentation. Guided by the great craftsmanship of the experienced Sprendlinger sparkling wine makers. Now in a first edition on the market. In a fine birthday "suit".

The "1816" Riesling brut is a top wine from Rheinhessen, which also tells the story of Peter Gimbel. the cellar master of the Mainz Elector. The excellent "Rheinhessen wines" of his time made his tingling experiment so successful that he received his "Winzersekt" adhoc, it was rumored, a French medal. Since then, the sparkling wine tradition started in this way has continued successfully in many ways to this day. For the 200th anniversary of Rheinhessen, this tradition can be experienced anew. With the Riesling-Winzersekt from Rheinhessen - the "1816".


Producer group Winzersekt, Sprendlingen

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