Mainz Theodor-Heuss-Bridge (C) City Mainz
Mainz Fassnachtsbrunnen

Love of life on the Rhine


The historic buildings, monuments and museums in Mainz are informative witnesses. If you get close enough and have a good look, you'll learn something about our 2000 year old city. Roman temples, aristocratic palaces, the cathedral and Marc Chagall's blue windows await you!

Joie de vivre and a 200-year-old culture characterize the endearing state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate. Embark on the footsteps of Johannes Gutenberg and the art of printing, for example, at the popular city tour of the same name. Combined with a visit to the cathedral or a walk through the church of St. Stephan with the world-famous Chagall windows, you will experience Mainz from its most beautiful and exciting side. The Roman finds such as the Roman theater, the Isis and Mater Magna sanctuary or the Roman stones in many places in Mainz to the founders of the Rheinstadt.

Roman Castrum Moguntiacum, Jewish Magenza, Electoral residence and capital, Archbishop's seat, university and fortified city in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and Mainz Republic. Epochs of the "Golden Mainz", as the city is called since its heyday in the Middle Ages.

A tour through Mainz

20160407_095139-copy © Ulrike Salzmann

Along with Speyer Cathedral, the 1,000-year-old St. Martin's Cathedral is one of Germany's earliest examples of a monumental vaulted building. The building reflects the pre-eminence that the Archbishop of Mainz enjoyed for thousands of years,...

Cathedral and Diocesan Museum

Fragments of the former west rood screen by the Master of Naumburg (1240), treasury with exquisite liturgical objects, manuscripts, early prints, liturgical garments, chapter room with the personal keepsakes of Bishop Ketteler (1877), Hatto...

7727-letters-far-letterpress-robert-dieth-Rheinhessen wine-ev © Robert Dieth / Rheinhessen wine eV

Famous around the world as the leading museum specialising in the history of the printed word, the Gutenberg Museum pays homage to the man who invented the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg. The main attractions include a replica of the...

Museum of Ancient Seafaring

The remains of five Roman warships from the 4th century, spectacular full-size replicas, fragment from a barge, and a number of ship reliefs and stone monuments. Educational models and display boards complete this insight into ancient shipbuilding.

Mainz State Museum

Mainz State Museum is housed in several buildings, formerly the baroque stables of the Electors of Mainz. With a turbulent history stretching back more than 200 years, it is one of Germany's oldest museums. An art and cultural institution whose...

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