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"Germany's wonderful take on Pinot Noir," headlines the American James Suckling in his latest report. For the internationally renowned wine critic, Stuart Pigott focuses on the German Pinot Noir scene: "brighter aromas, more acidity and better color" is the triad with which he describes the essential changes in the style of this grape variety. In the ranks of the Top Ten Pinot Noirs from Germany shines also the 2015 hell Spätburgunder from the winery Thörle (Saulheim).

The British wine icon Jancis Robinson is also on the Pinot Noir trip and writes on "" even from a "British assault on fine German Pinots". Among their favorites include the Pinot Noir of Klaus Peter Keller, winery Keller (Flörsheim-Dalsheim) - the highest rated them the 2015 Spätburgunder "S".

Because it was so beautiful, the Jancis Robinson crew repeated the famous Pinot Noir Tasting from the year 2011 and put the vintages 2007, 2008 and 2009 to the test in an international comparison. The Pinots from Rheinhessen made a great figure and showed with 10 years maturity really big format. Among the top ten: 2008 Hell Spätburgunder from the winery Thörle (Saulheim) and 2008 Morstein Spätburgunder GG from the winery Gutzler (Gundheim).

The colleagues in the Netherlands are also enthusiastic about Pinot Noir. The magazine "Perswijn" looked intensively in the German lands and determined under the heading "Notities Duitsland rood" the 2015 hell Spätburgunder from the winery Thörle (Saulheim) as primus inter pares of the best Pinots from Rheinhessen.

For "Perswijn" wine expert Marcel Arentz made the great Duits rood tasting in the restaurant Het Savarijn (Nijmegen). His favorites include: 2015 Portugieser from the vineyard Rettig (Westhofen), 2016 Pinot Noir from brothers Dr. med. Becker (Ludwigshöhe), 2015 Cuvée red from the winery Schmitz (Nackenheim) and 2015 Spätburgunder from the winery Wittmann (Westhofen).

The Mercure hotels have announced the selection of the 28 best for the new wine list. A total of 594 wines had applied for inclusion in the new card ("Mercure Vintage"). From Rheinhessen are: 2017 "Headstand" from the winery Lorenz (Friesenheim), 2014 "François" from the winery Braunewell (Essenheim), 2017 Pinot Blanc "Ladies first" from the winery Dorst (Wörrstadt), 2017 "Rossi" Rosé from the winery Hofmann (Appenheim), 2017 Chardonnay from the winery Alexander Flick (Bechtolsheim) and 2017 Gray Burgundy from the winery Posthof, Doll & Göth (Stadecken-Elsheim).

"Graubu or gridscho?" Asks wine columnist Stuart Pigott in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung on April 29th and introduces three convincing Rheinhessen from the shelves of the supermarkets: 2017 Grauer Burgunder "Vom Kalkstein" by Reh Kendermann (Bingen), 2017 Pinot Gris " Steitz & Beck "of the two wineries Beck (Stadecken-Elsheim) and Steitz (Stein-Bockenheim) as well as 2017 Robert Weil junior Pinot Gris unique from Weinhaus Robert Weil (Kiedrich).

"Because they know what they are doing", Wein-Plus-taster Marcus Hofschuster presents his best of the Rieslings from the vintage 2016. At the top with a proud 100 points is the 2016 Pettenthal Riesling GG from the winery Keller (Flörsheim-Dalsheim), the scores very high with the 2016 Morstein Riesling GG. Also in the top ten are 2 wines from the winery Wittmann (Westhofen): 2016 Riesling "La Borne" Old vines and 2016 Brunnenhaus Riesling GG.

"It's Scheutime" was the motto of the award ceremony of the International Scheurebe Award. In the 6 competition categories 2 winners came from Rheinhessen: 2016 Scheurebe sparkling wine dry from the winery Wilhelm Laubenstein (Gensingen) and 2017 Scheurebe feinherb from the winery Göhring (Flörsheim-Dalsheim). The 2017 Scheurebe got a 2nd place feinherb from the winery Neef-Emmich (Bermersheim) and 3rd place was for the Secco from the winery Scheffer (Zotzenheim) and the 2017 Scheurebe dry from the winery Eckehart Gröhl (Weinolsheim).

In its current issue, the magazine "Falstaff" places the 2016 gray-bottom grunder from the winery Michael Teschke (Gau-Algesheim) in the selection of the "BEST BUY".

In the large Syrah test of the current "Vinum" issue, the top ratings for the 2015 Wormser Nonnenwingert Syrah "Theresia ...

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