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For the first time, the renowned MERIAN travel magazine is dedicating a complete edition of the Rheinhessen region - perfect timing: the region between Mainz, Bingen, Alzey and Worms celebrates its 200th anniversary next year. The edition consists of 156 pages and will be published on October 22, 2015. Two days before, the official presentation took place in the Staatstheater Mainz.

For 200 years, there is the Rheinhessen region, a MERIAN issue about Rheinhessen, but there has never been. Although the region comes in some issues in terms of content, but a separate title was missing so far. In the opinion of Rheinhessen Marketing an untenable condition - also and especially with regard to the anniversary year 2016. Publisher and editor were quickly convinced of the idea - and so in recent months, the first Rheinhessen edition: The new "MERIAN Rheinhessen" wants the region fundamentally present and locate. What do Rheinhessen and its people stand for? What makes the country so interesting?

The magazine premiered two days before the official release date on October 22nd. Rheinhessen Marketing and MERIAN had invited to the Staatstheater Mainz - and host Peter E. Eckes, Chairman of Rheinhessen Marketing, was pleased with a full house: With over 100 guests from politics, business and media the glass dome of the house was filled to the last seat - in the truest sense no leaf fit between the rows of visitors. And the event moderated by Tobias Bartenbach, head of the project office 200 years of Rheinhessen, was as entertaining as the magazine itself: Eckes thanked MERIAN editor-in-chief Hallaschka and his authors, because "finally MERIAN could not resist the temptation and tackled the topic Rheinhessen. "This, Eckes continues, earned recognition, respect and promise the highest pleasure.

The policy was also enthusiastic: Ernst-Walter Görisch, district administrator of the Alzey-Worms district, who also spoke in the name of his colleague Claus Schick (district of Mainz-Bingen), considers the MERIAN Rheinhessen a "minor accolade and a boost for the public perception. "Görisch was delighted that" the present issue of MERIAN Rheinhessen is another piece of the mosaic on our common path to draw Rheinhessen a little more strikingly and concisely not only on the geographical map, but above all in the minds and To place people's hearts. "

The content of the new magazine was closely coordinated with Rheinhessen-Touristik, Rheinhessenwein and the project office. Burkhard Müller, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rheinhessen Touristik, was proud and happy. After all, the magazine was responsible for its reach, greater brand awareness and arousing its desire for the destination of Rheinhessen. A destination with the clear goal of becoming Germany's number one wine experience region. Consequently, therefore, Müller's invitation to the Jahreszeiten Verlag, appears in the MERIAN, "in a few years to schedule a new edition of Rheinhessen."

Finally, MERIAN Editor-in-Chief Andreas Hallaschka presented what everyone present had been waiting for: insights into the issue and its history. A pleasure for eyes and ears. Hallaschka proved that MERIAN is rightly synonymous with travel and culture at the highest level. 156 pages of concentrated reading pleasure. If you think that print is outdated, you will find a booklet that is characterized by quality and longevity. Photos with rhine-Hessian impressions, at the sight of which one wonders as a local, why one ever goes on vacation - or in which one gets as an external desire to explore this region. Reports, finely pointed and polished - about the "Schunkel Camp" (the TV Carnival Session), "A high on the gentle tone" (the soft Rhine Hessian language), the "City of nice people" (Mainz) or the walk of Hiking pro Manuel Andrack under the motto "For the sake of Hiwwels".

In terms of content, there are many other highlights: the wine of course and the gastronomy, the Nibelungen, the Jewish culture, important cities and the French-influenced history - to name but a few. Under the heading "Made in Rheinhessen", companies in the region that are among the economically most dynamic regions in Germany are also presented.

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