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The Nahe Cycle Path offers plenty of variety on 130 kilometers from the source at Bostalsee to the mouth near Bingen in the Rhine. With crisp climbs in the upper Nahe range, even off the river, to enjoy biking through the vineyards of the lower Nahe is on the route something for everyone. NOTE: Diversion of the Nahe Cycle Route near Grolsheim On behalf of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, the construction work to improve the flood protection measure "Nahe-Deiche, 3rd BA Grolsheim" will begin at the beginning of February 2019. Therefore, for the protection and safety of the cyclists, the Nahe Cycle Route will be diverted from 11.02.2019 to a length of approx. 1 km. The blockade is expected to take until the end of 2020. All cyclists are required, for reasons of their own safety to keep to the diversion of the local cycle path and to respect the route blockage. It is expressly pointed out that otherwise a traffic inability will be committed, since for the blocked route the traffic sign 254 "For Cyclists Prohibited" has been ordered. More detailed and up to date information under

On the first 50 km to Idar-Oberstein, the path between Hunsrück and the North Palatinate highlands runs in some loops away from the young Nahe with occasional strong climbs. From Idar-Oberstein, the Nahe Cycle Path is a comfortable river tour through the small-scale Nahe.Urlaubsregion with its slate and quartzite formations, the deep Hunsrück forests, the gemstone region around Idar-Oberstein, the wine region Nahe and its bathing and spa towns and through the flat floodplain landscape to Bingen.

Degree of difficulty

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Route guidance

Requirement: In the area of the upper reaches of the Nahe between Idar-Oberstein and Nohfelden, athletic forces are required due to several strong climbs. The eastern section between Idar-Oberstein and Bingen is suitable for all cyclists with only a short climb to Oberhausen with an otherwise flat route.

Track character: Almost completely on forest, economic and cycle paths with the following sections without bike path:

  • 3.8 km L 173 Niederbrombach - Kronweiler
  • 3.5 km ascent route K 12 Hammerstein - Idar-Oberstein (for this in summer detour over traffic-distant, likewise strongly rising rocky hill in a near-noose)
  • 2.5 km Nahbollenbach - Weierbach
  • 2,3 km K 7 Kirnsulzbach - Kirn

Covering qualities:

  • Almost exclusively paved roads.

Railway line sections:

  • Approximately 4 km between Neubrücke and Birkenfeld (former Zweigstrecke Neubrücke - Birkenfeld)
  • Approximately 3 km from the Niederhausen hydroelectric power plant to the Friedensbrücke Bad Münster at the Stein-Ebernburg (former railway line Bad Münster - Homburg)

Route Overview:

Source - Land border 20.5 km: 100 meters of altitude increasing, 230 Hm falling.

From the source of the cycle path leads to Bostalsee and he leaves while the valley of the young Nahe, to which he returns to Nohfelden. A strong dome lies next to the transition to RLP.

Land border at Neubrücke - Idar-Oberstein 30 km: 245 vertical meters rising, 320 Hm falling.

On an old railway line, the Nahe-Radweg from Neubrücke pulls a loop to Birkenfeld and far away from the Nahetal, which knows no continuous way here. In Kronweiler he returns to the Nahe, but has to overcome four significant climbs to Idar-Oberstein.

Idar-Oberstein - Kirn 18 km: 35 meters in altitude, 110 meters falling.

From the gemstone capital of Idar-Oberstein, the Nahe Cycle Path is family-flat - always in the Nahe valley, which here usually looks like a wide meadow valley, framed by the rocky foothills of the Hunsrück in the north and the Nordpfälzer Bergland in the south ,

Kirn - Bad Sobernheim 18 km: 15 meters rising, 60 meters falling.

Shortly after Kirn near Martinstein begins the wine country Nahe. The vines in this winegrowing area - one of the smallest and at the same time the most diverse of ours - accompany the Nahe Cycle Path to Bingen, where they pass into the vineyards of Rheinhessen and the Rheingau.

Also this section is a flat river bike route with no climbs.

Bad Sobernheim - Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg 19 km: rising 75 meters in altitude, 100 meters falling.

In Bad Sobernheim begins the "spa and wellness section" of the Nahe Cycle Route with its three spa towns Bad Sobernheim, Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg and Bad Kreuznach. All three benefit - as long before us the Romans with their healing springs - from the geologically troubled underground of the Nahesenke. The cycle path takes in the scenic gem of the Disibodenberg, where pagan and Christian traditions (including Hildegard von Bingen) have long since found their place. A 500 m short, steep slope near Oberhausen is rewarded with a picture book view of the Nahe valley. Before Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, mighty rocks narrow the Nahetal for the last time, of which the Rotenfels is the steepest and highest.

Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg - Bingen 24.5 km: 20 meters in altitude, 50 meters falling.

The Nahe Cycle Path runs to Bad Kreuznach right through the Saline Valley with its graduation towers and crosses the city through the spa district as well as on comfortable causeways. A last, but not very steep, hilltop has to be overcome before going through a wide floodplain landscape to the mouth of the Nahe in the Rhine near Bingen.

The route in the cycle path network: The Nahe Cycle Path is one of the 7 long-distance cycle routes in Rhineland-Palatinate and in the cycling network an important east-west connection, which is directly connected to other regions:

  • Selbach: Saarland cycle path
  • Kronweiler: Castle Cycle Path to Baumholder and Kusel
  • Fischbach: Near-Hunsrück-Moselle cycle route to Morbach and Neumagen-Dhron and Saar-Hunsrück bike path over the Erbeskopf to Merzig
  • Kirn: Lützelsoon bike path to Kirchberg
  • Staudernheim: Glan-Blies-Radweg to Lauterecken, Altenglan, Homburg, Saargemünd
  • Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg: Alsenz bike path to Rockenhausen and Alsenborn
  • Bad Kreuznach: Kleinbahn cycle path to Rüdesheim / Nahe, Bockenau and Wallhausen
  • Appelbach cycle path via Wöllstein and Münsterappel into the Donnersberg region
  • Bingen: Rhine cycle path to Mainz ...



Bingen: train station

Bad Kreuznach: Pfingstwiese and passenger car park at the B 41 exit Bretzenheim / Langenlonsheim

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Suggestions, abnormalities or defects? Contact us by mail: (responsible for infrastructure and road description)

Contact details:

Suggestions, abnormalities or defects? Contact us by mail: (responsible for infrastructure and road description)

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