Nibelungen Festival, © Bernward Bertram© Bernward Bertram

Dramatic in front of a majestic scenery

Nibelungen Festival

The Worms Nibelungen Festival is one of the most renowned open-air theatre festivals in Germany. Every year, top-class theatre and film actors take to the stage against the impressive backdrop of the imperial cathedral and recount the medieval Nibelungen saga from ever new perspectives. Curtain up for real cultural enjoyment!

Once Kriemhild and Brünhild had their legendary queens dispute in fron of the historic imperial cathedral in the city of Worms, now it forms the breath taking scenery for the populat Nibelungen festival. Every summer they attract popular actors, authors and directors as well as numerous visitors from all over Germany.

Besides the imposant open-air stage, especially the atmospheric illuminated park Heylshof, the most beautiful theater foyer of the country, contributes to the special ambience of the festival. Here you can add an exquisite dinner in the park, a glass of wine in the Rheinhessen lounge or an exciting backstage tour to your Nibelungen experience. The diverse frame program of the city of the Nibelungen Worms with concerts, readings and discussions completes the cultural event.

If you want to freshen up your knowledge about the heroic epic we receommend the museum of the Nibelungen in Worms. The song of the Nibelungen, its formation and meaning are multimediall conveyed inside the old city walls. After that you can take a wonderful walk to the memorial of Hagen which remember the sinking of the Nibelungen treasure in the Rhine river.


Nibelungen Festspiele, © Bernward Bertram
  Luther premiere in front of the imperial cathedral Nibelungen festival 2021.07.16- 2021.08.01 In 2021 the history of the Nibelungen is not the centre of the festival but the reformer Martin Luther. In 2021 is the 500th anniversary of the 'Reichstag zu Worms'. Therefore the Nibelungen festival will become the central content anchor point of all the festivities and once again a huge theatrical event. The festival will be accompanied by an extensive framework programme. Georg- Büchner award winner Bärfuss writes the play...

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Inside Nibelungen Festival

How exciting a look behind the scenes of the Nibelungen Festival can be, you'll learn in the blog.

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