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Color wine tasting in the winery Dr. med. Hinkel

For the color wine tasting in the winery, the winery Dr. med. Hinkel the Great Wine Capitals International Award for the most innovative wine experience in the world. Experience wine in different light and images.

Try different wines with different colored light and changing images while enjoying the wine from black glasses. Experience how different the same wine can taste in changing surroundings.

Not only the color of a wine, but also the light of the environment influences the perception and judgment of the taste of food and wine. The sweetness and fruitiness of a wine or food are perceived and judged differently with each light color. The wines are tasted in a red, blue, green or yellow atmosphere. Even visual impressions will underline the taste impressions.

Duration 2 hours, from 8 persons up to 60 persons.


Color wine tasting including welcome sparkling wine

Spitekäs' with pretzel

Duration 2 hours

Price variation :

For groups of 8 people up to 60 people.

per person

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