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1 winery, 3 young winemakers, 4 generations and a shared passion. Everything under one roof - in our winery in Wörrstadt! No one-day fly-no fad. Instead lifelong bond with nature. A bond that we have built through our daily work in the vineyard - with our region, each of our plots and our vines. We keep the quality reins always tight enough, so that we can stand for each grape and for each bottle, with our name. With this consequence, we are firmly in the saddle and never lose sight of the goal. With our 25 ha vineyard, which we market...

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The Espenhof is a wonderful liaison of winery, country hotel and wine restaurant in the heart of the Rheinhessen Switzerland. Family Espenschied operates this small idyll with a lot of heart and hand: here you can simply eat, drink and sleep or even meet in a special atmosphere or celebrate in the big sandstone barn! Grown and not made! Wine must taste as it is and not as it could be. We can only work with what nature gives us. We live with it. Invent something? We can not do that. Give something to it? The want we do not. No...


Already in its third generation, the Wasem family lives and works in the Rodensteiner Hof, where in 1912 Julius Wasem laid the foundation for the company in its present form. Holger and Burkhard Wasem run the winery, always driven by a special feeling for wine. They attach great importance to a natural and environmentally friendly care of the vineyards. "Less is more" is the motto when it comes to the relationship between yield and quality. Combining the tried and tested with state-of-the-art cellar technology puts the crown on...


Quality and diversity of varieties that inspires. Nature-oriented management and skilful vinification create convincing estate wines including dry, strong-character red and white wines, fruit-sweet wines (including red wines), dessert wines of the highest class. Regularly high awards. Good value for money.


On the sunny plateau of Rheinhessen, in Zornheim, lies the estate of Andreas Münzenberger. The technician for viticulture and oenology relies on the highest quality and expressive, elegant and terroir-stressed wines. The vineyards are processed close to nature and environmentally friendly. "Nature and man together have the potential to bring out the best from every vintage, from the climatic peculiarities, from the respective grape variety and from the soil." With this guiding principle, the winemaker accompanies all phases of wine...


Our winery is located outside of Schwabenheim surrounded by nature. Our vineyards grow in the Schwabenheim locations Sonnenberg, Klostergarten and Schlossberg. Sparkling-fruity white and rosé wines and velvety, full-bodied red wines can be found next to sparkling Seccos and Winzersekten in our range. In our spacious tasting room you have the opportunity to celebrate your family or company party (max 70 people) in a tasteful ambience. For the accommodation of your guests, we also provide three spacious guest rooms. We are looking forward...


The winery St. Urban is managed by the winemaker family Paukner. It will be grown red and white grape varieties. The largest part of the grapes ripens through the unique microclimate at the Gau-Odernheimer Petersberg. Due to the particularly intense sunshine and the nutrient-rich loess clay soils, particularly aromatic, ripe grapes are harvested year after year. The peculiarity of these soils is also reflected in a flower wonder, which occurs annually in April. Then a small part of the Petersberg is dotted with the wild tulip...


The traditional winery is located in the middle of Guntersblum. At present, three generations live in the old Frankish courtyards with their striking tower. Winery chief Fred Oswald cultivates 20 hectares of vineyards. The vineyards on the Rheinterrasse are mainly planted with classic grape varieties: Silvaner, Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Burgunder are the main varieties. To excite the natural aroma potential of the grapes, he takes the winery the risk of late harvest and reduces the yield. The expansion and the care of the wines takes...

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