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Rheinhessen at the ProWein

At the ProWein 2019, the large joint presentation of Rheinhessen will become an important contact point in the search for attractive wines. From 17 to 19 March 2019, 53 companies will present their wines and sparkling wine in Hall 14 Stand D 39. Then there are the 13 winegrowers from "Message in a bottle", who present their wines in the immediate vicinity at booth A 40 (hall 14).

Rheinhessen is represented in Dusseldorf with a competent offer: With the white wines with profiled Rieslings, fresh Silvanern and with magnificent Burgundern, in addition with aromatic surprises from Scheurebe, Mueller Thurgau & CO. Best is also equipped the red wine offer with Spätburgunder and Dornfelder. There are also interesting red wine cuvées. Typical for Rheinhessen are the classic winemaker sects.

The ProWein is the big stage for the wines from the new vintage. And this 2018 had it all. Summer full, infinitely dry, a stress test for the vines and a happy ending with a rich harvest and great qualities.

The experts speak of a vintage with moderate acidity, which tastes aromatic and grape typical. This is due to the very healthy, fully ripe grapes. The first wines of the new vintage show a good density. The charm of white and rosé wines lies in an interesting combination of juicy components and a pleasant mouthfeel. Due to the healthy grapes, the labs attest to the wines only a low oxidation potential, which ultimately means that they get along with the bottling with a relatively low SO2 dose. What can already be formulated as a message of this vintage, that is the anticipation of great red wines - this was the specifications of nature this year "as ordered".

The barrels are really full. The statistician estimates that the yield is currently 3.1 million hectoliters - 24% above the long-term average.

Included in the white wine range at ProWein are the layer wines of the vintage 2017; In addition there are premium red wines from the vintages 2015 and 2016. Efficient suppliers of the trade are represented in the joint stand Rheinhessen. In addition to their wines, they also have an interesting sales promotion offer.

Visitors can look forward to four exciting tastings on an action area in the Rheinhessen joint stand. Well-known sommeliers present interesting wines on the subject of Riesling profiles, Silvaner stylistics and Pinot Blanc discoveries as well as exciting winemaker sects.

The moderated tastings at the Rheinhessen joint booth:

Sunday, March 17, 2019, 11:30 am
Riesling benchmarks from Rheinhessen - the origin makes it
Estate, local and vineyard wines with profile
Christian Frens, Sommelier-Consult, Cologne

Sunday, March 17, 2019, 15:30
Champagne pleasure from Rheinhessen - ready for the big stage
Riesling, Pinots & Co. and the new style icons
Caro Maurer, Master of Wine, Bonn

Monday, March 18, 2019, 11:30 am
Pinot Blanc posts from Rheinhessen - many Likes for the white Pinots
Dominik Trick, Hotel School Heidelberg

Monday, March 18, 2019, 15:00
Rheinhessen in Silvaner luck - a classic brings exciting new
Romana Echensperger, Master of Wine, Germering

The exhibitors at the joint stand Rheinhessen (new companies marked in bold):

AdamsWein (Ingelheim), dr. Balzhäußer (Alsheim), Bernhard (Wolfsheim),
Bernhard wheels (Flomborn), J. Bettenheimer (Ingelheim), Bossert (Gundersheim), Braunewell (Essenheim), Ernst Bretz (Bechtolsheim), Brummund (Ober-Hilbersheim) , Lisa Bunn (Nierstein), Jean Buscher (Bechtheim), Elsheimer Tempelchen (Stadecken-Elsheim) , Espenhof (Flonheim), Rudolf Fauth (Udenheim), Fischborn Bergeshof (Dexheim) , Alexander Flick (Bechtolsheim), Frey (Ober-Florsheim), Gehring (Nierstein), Geil's Sparkling Wine & Winery (Bermersheim) , Gerharz wine experience (Gau-Algesheim), Eckehart Gröhl (Weinolsheim), Louis Guntrum (Nierstein), Hemer (Worms), Dr. med. Hinkel (Framersheim), Fritz Ekkehard Huff (Nierstein), Georg Gustav Huff (Nierstein), Jung & Knobloch (Albig), Jewel Wines (Alsheim), Fight (Flonheim), Kitzer (Badenheim), Koster Wolf (Albig), Krämer (Gau-Weinheim) , Krebs-Grode (Eimsheim), Manz (Weinolsheim), Daniel Mattern (Montsheim), Menk (Ingelheim), Michel (Hochborn), Münzenberger (Zornheim), Raddeck (Nierstein), Schales (Flörsheim-Dalsheim ), Schittler-Becker (Zornheim), Schlossmühlenhof (Kettenheim), Schmitt (Mettenheim), Seidel-Dudenhöfer (Alsheim), David Spies (Dittelsheim-Hessloch) , Gerold Spies (Dittel ...

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