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Region plans anniversary year 2016 - Project office takes up work

In 2016, the Rheinhessen region celebrates its 200th birthday. About one and a half years before the start of the jubilee year, the plans under the leadership of Rheinhessen Marketing and its Executive Board (chaired by Peter E. Eckes) are in full swing. The cooperation partners are four regional committees and local authorities: Rheinhessenwein eV, Rheinhessen Touristik GmbH, the Rheinhessen Kultur working group and the Service Center for Rural Areas (DLR) in Oppenheim.

On April 1, 2014, another important step towards the professional preparation and realization of the festivities was made: The "Projektbüro 200 Jahre Rheinhessen" has started its work. Located in the Mainz agency BARTENBACH, it is managed by its board member Tobias Bartenbach, who as a communication professional brings with him the technical know-how to profile Rheinhessen and is optimally networked in the region.

The task of the project office is to competently prepare and accompany the anniversary year 2016 with a varied program. "There is no lack of ideas," says Tobias Bartenbach
the official presentation on 15th April 2014 in Mainz about the creativity of all participants. And that's exactly what he sees as a chance and a challenge: "It will be essential to develop an organizationally and financially feasible overall concept out of this colorful bunch of individual measures and to successfully put it into practice. To do this, we need strong partners, ie sponsors and supporters - and finding them will be one of the first and most important tasks of the project office.

As Peter E. Eckes points out, the aim is to provide the cities and communities of Rheinhessen with a common platform for self-expression and to encourage the approximately 600,000 citizens of the region to enjoy participating. Specifically, it says: In the geographical area between Mainz, Bingen, Alzey and Worms, there will be numerous events, initiatives and contributions related to the economy, culture or history. They should strengthen the regional consciousness of the people and their identification with Rheinhessen. At the same time, Rheinhessen wants to present itself as an attractive host for tourists from Germany and abroad. Naturally, the topic of "wine" is of central importance in Germany's largest contiguous winegrowing region.

The organizers attach great importance to the active participation of the people in the region - and this already at the planning stage. All mayors of Rheinhessen's cities and communities are invited to a meeting on 8 July 2014 in Nieder-Olm, where they will be presented with the ideas and plans for the program in 2016, as well as the opportunity for dialogue with Tobias Bartenbach from the project office and representatives of all cooperating institutions consists.

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