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"Happy New Year! Prosit Rheinhessen! "The time has come: the Rheinhessen region is celebrating its 200th birthday! Just in time for New Year's Day, the jubilee year 2016 kicked off - and the humorous event in Hilton Mainz makes you want more. It's a good thing that the next opportunity to kick off with Rheinhessen's anniversary sparkling wine will not be long in coming - after all, more than 580 events are scheduled for 366 days.

On 1 January, therefore, the prelude: Rheinhessen Marketing as the lead organizer of the anniversary had invited to the reception and about 70 representatives from politics and business had come - in view of the celebration and holiday days an impressive proof of the importance of the anniversary. Walter Strutz, Deputy Chairman of Rheinhessen Marketing, welcomed in particular the mayors of Mainz and Worms, Michael Ebling and Michael Kissel, among numerous representatives of the state and municipalities.

The guests expected an entertaining and entertaining program: Who would have expected to be live viewers of the talk show "Babbel mit" (or: "Babbel nit"?) In 1816? The Sebastianus amateur band from Nieder-Olm under the direction of Volker Metzger played a scene of the founding of Rheinhessen as a result of the Congress of Vienna and the associated "takeover" of the left bank territory by the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt on 8 July 1816. The approximately 20 -minute piece entitled "We call it Rheinhessen. We are Rheinhessen "by author Tom Meyer is based on historical facts with the corresponding characters, but is pure fiction - in a humorous and original way.

Escorted by representatives of Mainz Carnival Guards, the birthday cake was then taken to the gold hall of Hilton Mainz. In the presence of the Rheinhessen wine princess Laura Henrici, the mayors Ebling and Kissel cut the Rheinhessen cake - and the directors of Rheinhessen Marketing distributed the cake pieces among the guests.

After this official launch, the next events are already on the agenda in a few days, including the "Lichtbruecke" around Bingen, the ecumenical festive service in Worms Cathedral on 17 January and on 26 January the big official inauguration event with around 500 guests in Bingen ,

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