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Rheinhessen Conference looks back on the jubilee year 2016

200th birthday as an incentive, departure and start - Strengthen regional identity and awaken regional self-esteem - Rheinhessen further establish as a brand - Appeal to 300 representatives from politics, business and culture to join in and shape

"200 years Rheinhessen - a preview of the year 2016. Participate. Participate "- this was the motto of the 5th Rheinhessen Conference, which took place on 4 September 2014 in Nieder-Olm. The aim was to inform the decision-makers, multipliers and regional stakeholders about the state of the anniversary planning and to motivate them to participate actively. And the interest was immense: more than 300 participants from politics, business and culture accepted the invitation of the two associations "Rheinhessen Marketing" and "Förderverein 200 Jahre Rheinhessen". Around 20 journalists present the broad media response. And they all had a rousing and emotional event.

Strengthen regional identity and awaken regional self-confidence - these buzz words and demands run like a thread through the lectures of the evening. Because the 200th birthday should not only be an occasion for extensive celebrations, but rather a prelude to a new, self-confident future of the region. Building cohesion and identity, strengthening the region, building structures for the future, and building a positive one
Communicate the effect internally and externally - these are the self-defined goals.

The surprise coup of the evening shows that the organizers have a lot in store: nobody less than Udo van Kampen, the ZDF face from Brussels and himself raised in Sprendlingen, welcomes the conference participants in the Ludwig-Eckes-Halle via video message. And not only that: The European expert and "self-confessed Rheinhesse" van Kampen will be one of several jubilee ambassadors from next year.

Peter E. Eckes, CEO of Rheinhessen Marketing, also wants to awaken and promote regional self-confidence. "Rheinhessen 2016", according to the entrepreneur, tireless motivator, patron and networker from Nieder-Olm, who celebrated his 75th birthday two days before the conference, "that is an incentive, a departure and a prelude to a confident future." In other words: Das Anniversary is the "stirrup", the foundation for the further, sustainable development of his homeland.

After the welcome by Dieter Kuhl, Nieder-Olmer city mayor and patron of the Rheinhessen conference, the evening's main program will be: the presentation by Tobias Bartenbach, marketing expert and head of the project office 200 years of Rheinhessen. His three-minute (introductory) film with motifs from Rheinhessen and his people, atmospherically accompanied by music, provides goosebumps moments in the packed hall.

Bartenbach then provides information about the status of the anniversary plans for around 45 minutes: He also sees 2016 as a milestone and
Key action for the further development of the region. The expression of this new trailblazing self-confidence is the motto of the anniversary campaign: "Quite different". Logically that Rheinhessen also receives its own logo for the anniversary year. Based on the well-known Rheinhessen logo - and yet individually and unmistakably designed for 2016 and officially in use from 1 January 2015.

Also in 2015, the first events in connection with the jubilee year will kick off: Bartenbach will present 20 projects of the 2015/2016 period, each of which will be organized and funded by the project office. Another 20 topics are already being planned by individual project partners. "And that's only the beginning," says the head of the project office. "We want to involve all people in the region in the jubilee year and offer them a diverse program: for young and old, from culture to sports. Rheinhessen offers so much - known and unknown. And that's exactly what we want to show. The time is ripe for Rheinhessen - 200 years after the founding of the region. "It is not without economic support: Rheinhessen is home to global players and renowned medium-sized companies, which in turn need qualified staff. One more reason to get involved as a sponsor for the Rheinhessen site. Everyone can participate and participate. "Come on!" Is the call, and the conference provides an ideal opportunity for dialogue with the organizers and the project office. Even after the event , ideas can still be submitted at any time at 2016@rheinhessen.de .

Rheinhessen as a regional brand that promises origin and quality - in many places in Rheinhessen this identity process is already in full swing, as Otto Schätzel from the Service Center Rural Area (DLR) Rheinhessen-Nahe-Hunsrück notes. This development must be further promoted so that Rheinhessen becomes an attractive umbrella brand.

Volker Gallé, cultural coordinator of the city of Worms, is author and singer-songwriter of the organizers.

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