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"Rheinhessen laughs after Fassenacht" - Rheinhessen festival parade attracts around 180,000 visitors

On Sunday, 8 May, the Mainz fools celebrated the festival parade with 77 train numbers, 2,222 participants and about 180,000 spectators in summertime temperatures - as compensation for the canceled Monday carnival procession. From 10:00 o'clock Michael Bonewitz and Thomas Neger presented the colorful program on stage at the Mainz Cathedral. Among others were the convinced ambassadors of Rheinhessen Anja Gockel and Udo van Kampen, the city manager Walter Strutz from Mainz and the Mayor of Mainz Michael Ebling. They all swarmed on stage from their homeland.
The 3.5-kilometer parade led from the Bauhofstraße over the Kaiserstraße, past the townhouse and the Christuskirche, to the Great Bleiche, via Schillerstraße and Schillerplatz to the "Lu". Political in all facets could be seen on the colorful motive trolley: whether ailing Rhine bridges, aircraft noise in Rhine-Main, the affair with FIFA or the EU refugee pact with Turkey. From criticism and satire nothing was spared again here. The traditional "Schwellköpp" roamed the streets as well, the duck, which usually marks the end of the procession, led the way this time, and after the move, visitors gathered in Mainz Cathedral Square, where they celebrated at the final party : 30 o'clock Thomas Neger with his "Humbas", followed by the "Nodequetschern" and "Jammin Cool".

Michael Bonewitz from Mainz Carnival Association 1838 drew a positive conclusion from the hitherto unique event: "From our point of view, the move was exemplary." Tobias Bartenbach, head of the project office "200 years Rheinhessen", is highly satisfied with the move to Rheinhessen. " Mainz is committed to Rheinhessen and vice versa, "he says." This procession fitted in sensationally with our Rheinhessen theme, and the big event has brought Rheinhessen to the front, "says Bartenbach confidently

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