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Rheinhessen starts the jubilee year 2016

14 days left, then the Rheinhessen region starts its 200th anniversary year. Locals and guests can expect a varied program with over 530 events.

From 9 to 16 January, from 17:00 or 18:00 to 21:00 or 22:00 clock, a "light bridge" between the Rochusberg and the Jakobsberg, the two highest mountains in the city of Bingen: Five light cannons on each side make it possible - an event of the diocese of Mainz. Incidentally, this event will be repeated again at the end of the year from 26 to 31 December.

On the 17th of January an ecumenical service will take place in Worms Cathedral with the Mainz Bishop Karl Cardinal Lehmann and Dr. Ing. Volker Jung, Church President of the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau, celebrated.

The beginning of the year in Rheinhessen means celebrating carnival at the same time. If you would like to learn something about the history of the foolish days of Rheinhessen, you can visit an exhibition from Saturday, January 9 to Sunday, May 29, at the Mainz Carnival Museum. The exhibition is part of a year-round cultural event series: "Rheinhessen historically". From January to November 2016, 26 museums, cultural institutes and historical associations will participate in a joint but decentralized exhibition initiative: Each institution will take up its own aspect of the 200-year-old regional history and make it the subject of its exhibition.

A very special series of events in the anniversary year is called "Rheinhessen Day by Day", while communities or initiatives contribute their own cultural events to the anniversary, some even with several projects, so 232 dates have come together. The cultural diversity of the region is clarified: From A like Albig to Z Zornheim as culture is on the program. The local church Sulzheim will start with a New Year's Concert on Sunday, January 3, at 17:00. The idea for the series had cultural coordinator Volker Gallé.

This is just an excerpt from a wealth of events taking place at various locations in Rheinhessen. On the Internet at you can discover even more highlights in January and for the entire year. The program for the first half of the year is available in printed form at many public offices in Rheinhessen. For example, in the AZ customer centers, in the association communities, tourist information, banks and savings banks as well as in the municipalities and museums. The program for the second half of the year will be available from April 2016. Tickets for the events are available at or at .

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