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A wine made from red grapes of pale to light red color. The wine type must be indicated by the words "rosé wine" or "rosé". If the rosé wine is a quality wine and obtained exclusively by shredding it from grapes originating from a single grape variety, the term "white autumn" may be used instead. When shredding, the grapes are immediately pressed (pressed) without any previous fermentation and not "fermented on the mash", as is normally the case with the preparation of red wine.

Roter Hang

Steep slopes in Nierstein and Nackenheim, directly on the Rhine, named after the type of soil that already shimmers red from afar. The Rotliegend is a red slate that was created 250 million years ago, and offers the wine growing world first class conditions. The wines from the Rotliegende have a strong mineral character. Every year there is a wine tasting of the grown here wines.


A wine of pale to light red color, produced by blending white wine grapes with red wine grapes. It is the only case of a permitted red-and-white blending before the "becoming of wine" (then it is forbidden). The practical importance of Rotling is very low in Rheinhessen, only a few companies have it on offer.

red wine

Rheinhessen is traditionally known as the white wine region. Pronounced "red wine islands" have always been around Ingelheim, Gundersheim and Biebelnheim. But in addition to this, Rheinhessen produces Dornfelder and Spätburgunder, as well as Portugieser, Frühburgunder or Regent, as well as international red varieties such as Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon. The increased demand for red wine and for special wines such as white autumn has meant that the cultivation of red varieties has more than doubled in the last 25 years (to around 30% in...


The solid residue in the pressing of fresh grapes. It is composed of berry husk, seeds and combs (stalks, cocks). From pomace only pomace brandy (equivalent to the Italian Grappa and the French Marc) may be made, but not wine.

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