Roast the roulade / cookbook refined Rheinhessen, © Cora Banek© Cora Banek

main course

Roulade of entrecôte with mushroom and porcini mushroom stuffing in cream of creamy celery puree and fried herbs

This brings the food: Delicate, tasty stuffed beef with a strong bite and creamy sauce brings strength, coupled with fullness and enamel on the palate. Creamy celery puree ensures sweet and spicy notes.

That's what the wine needs: Here, too, it should be a little more lush - in winter, one finally longs for a full-bodied and velvety wine! In addition to the extraordinary roulades, this must bring along fruit as well as fine acidity and a subtle tannin structure in order to underline the noble flesh taste and to accompany the creamy components (sauce, celery puree).

The recommendation:
2012 Frühburgunder Selection Rheinhessen, Ingelheimer Pares

- with an appealing aroma of red berries and cherries, a charming well-integrated acidity and fine-grained tannins. Pleasantly full-bodied and dense on the palate, the wine offers the roulades plenty of scope to fully develop their taste, while the roasted flavors of the meat and the creamy sauce make the tannins of the wine appear round and silky soft.

Winery Mett, Ingelheim

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