Castle ruins Landskron, © Karl Georg Müller© Karl Georg Müller

Experience Rheinhessen's historical past

Ruins in Rheinhessen

Get to know Rheinhessen's historical past. The still very well preserved ruins and walls have existed for centuries in the region and are definitely worth a visit. The beautiful locations of the ruins invite you to relaxed walks or extensive discovery tours. In addition, the old buildings are perfect photo opportunities.

stain wall-c-vg-Monsheim-Carsten-costard © Carsten Costard

The stain wall as the only preserved medieval town fortification in Rheinhessen does not bear its name because it is dirty, or its structure has a particularly varied pattern. Rather, the wall probably built between 1470 and 1490 surrounds the former Dalsheim (at that time "Dagolfesheim"), which was granted the privilege of market law early on. The planning permission for the stain wall was given to the Dalsheimer already in 1395 by Count Palatine Ruprecht II. The approximately 1100 m long, built with unhardened limestones wall whose...

Ruine der "Beller Kirche" von Norden

Picturesque-romantic ruin of a late-Gothic, Rheinhessen-typical high choir church with good proportions. Characteristic of the ship is the towering choir space. All walls are preserved in full. Longhouse formerly rib-ribbed, two transverse-rectangular yokes; Chor with Vorjoch was ribbed vaulted, in the window holes remains of fish bubble tracery. Remains of a two-storey, formerly ribbed vaulted sacristy building. Today, the venue for concerts, medieval markets, wine tasting and other cultural events. Liebfrauenland - Gothic in...


From the Templer church of a Wasserburg in the Appelbach valley first mentioned in 1258, only the choir, consisting of Vorjoch and 5/8-Schluss, has been preserved. He lies hidden in the middle of a farm. The extremely high-quality architecture is decorated with naturalistic leaf capitals. These outstanding works belong to the circle of the so-called "Naumburg master", one of the best sculptors of the 13th century. He was trained in Reims and contributed to the mediation of the new designs on his way through Noyon, Mainz and Naumburg. In...

Remains of Roman aqueduct

  "But if anyone will note the abundance of water skilfully brought into the city, for public uses, for baths, for basins, for houses, runnels, suburban gardens, and villas; if he will note the high aqueducts required for maintaining the proper elevation; the mountains which had to be pierced for the same reason; and the valleys it was necessary to fill up; he will consider that the whole terrestrial orb offers nothing more marvellous." This is what Pliny the Elder had to say about the Roman invention of the aqueduct. Such an...

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