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It's finally here - the program for the second anniversary half-year of the Rheinhessen region. On 240 pages, between July and December, around 300 events will be held to mark the 200th anniversary of the region. But not only in terms of content, there's a lot of new, visually comes the event calendar in a new design. With its title cover, this time in blue, the program for the second half of the year visually differs significantly from the first program in green.

Visitors from near and far invite three central series of events: "Rheinhessen Day by Day" is the series in which, in particular, the involvement of the local communities was in demand; They have come here with their own cultural events at the anniversary. The idea behind it comes from cultural coordinator Volker Gallé. "Rheinhessen historically" includes theme and epoch-oriented special exhibitions. As a "highlight" are events of national importance. They are already established, but will take place on the occasion of the anniversary extra in Rheinhessen such as the election of the German Wine Queen in September in Mainz or the charity match of the Lotto Elf in Schwabenheim.

Concise symbols for history, cuisine, religion, literature and cabaret, music, the environment and social affairs, sports as well as business and science illustrate the events in the program booklet, so the reader will always quickly find the interesting events for him.

Most of the events were submitted by initiatives, associations and communities, but also by private individuals. In total, 615 events, exhibitions, hikes and much more came together for the anniversary year 2016.

From now on, the new program will be available free of charge from the AZ customer centers, from banks and savings banks, from local and association municipalities and from tourist information throughout the region. The events are also always up to date and can be accessed online at www.rheinhessen-2016.de . Here the program is also available as a pdf download. And: A prior look into the net is also always helpful, if times or places should change.

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