Vineyards in the fog
grape harvesting
fully ripe grapes
vines cut
vines sprouting
Pruning in winter
Winter in the vineyard
Vineyards in November
Sprouting of the vines

That happens in the vineyard

View of the vineyard

Working in the vineyard is one of the most important activities of a winemaker. The care of a location naturally contributes massively to the quality of a wine. What current conditions a winegrower busy in the vineyard can be found here.

Defoliate in the vineyard

The stapling work is completed and the first foliage cut, the so-called summits, in which mainly the shoots are cut off, which protrude above the foliage wall is done. Now leaves or defoliation, a measure of foliage wall design, which has become firmly established in recent years in quality-oriented winemakers.

wine bloom

Nature balances many things again - winegrowers are noticing this at the moment when you can almost see how the shoots grow. Although the vineyards were still nearly two weeks behind the long-term development until the end of May, they are setting a rapid spurt in recent days, which is currently the number one issue in tacking. Add to that the yeasty wind of the last days, in which the shoots break off very easily because they grew so fast.

double engine

The "Eisheiligen" and thus the risk of frost damage are over. The grapevine growth has slowed somewhat due to the cool temperatures in recent weeks, so that despite the early budding as in the past year, the long-term average of grapevine development has now been reached again.

tank sample

The vintage 2018 is over, except for the grapes with which the winemakers still speculate on Eiswein. The harvest volume was so good this year that the risk of a total loss of the grapes is easily tolerated by the winemakers. Even the grapes are still in an excellent state of health, so that they can survive to the obligatory minus 7 degrees Celsius.

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