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They stand as a business card for the typical Rheinhessen Silvaner with its fine fruit and herbal aromas, the fresh juiciness and the balanced sweet and acid game.

The purpose of the RS Rheinhessen Silvaner is to show the potential for modern, dry grape varietal wines in the Silvaner and what opportunities winemakers in Rheinhessen have to make an independent wine - a wine with a profile - from the Silvaner.

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"We still know our vines personally" - because as a pure family business we take care of ourselves around our vineyards and the treasures they supply us - from pruning to harvesting, from pressing to wine-growing. This ensures us that everyone involved in grape production and Winemaking is involved, not only conscientiously performs our quality-enhancing measures, but also wholeheartedly behind it. And you can taste that!


At the gates of the wine town of Mainz is this Hechtsheim winery. Most of the vineyards are located on the sun-drenched Rhine front in Laubenheim and Bodenheim, where the most important grape varieties of Riesling and Grauer Burgunder grow and thrive. In the winery Leber you will find an extensive grape variety of exotic and international wines, which are developed in different flavors. Stefan Leber is responsible for the well-being of the vineyards and the development of the wines. With his motto "Joy of life - love of nature -...


The winery Posthof - two wineries that became one - with the passion of winemaking. The two families, Doll & Göth, both of them with Silvaner can and want are persuasive, persistent Silvaner protagonists. A company that has helped launch the RS, providing the highest RS fill numbers every year by far.

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The winery Bungert-Mauer is an award-winning winery with vineyard locations directly on the Rhine level and rich soil structures - optimal growth conditions for fine Silvaner. From the quality wines to the premium line Matthias Bungert shows class - with a lot of heart and passion.


In the southern part of Rheinhessen, in Gundheim the Weinhof Schreiber is located. Viticulture has been practiced here for many generations. Winemaker Hubert Schreiber manages 7 hectares of vines. After environmentally friendly aspects is worked in this family winery. Thus, acting in harmony with nature is an important prerequisite for the farm manager to produce wines of high quality and longevity. Hubert Schreiber relies on the latest state-of-the-art technology combined with tradition and experience when it comes to giving the wines the...


The philosophy at Steigerhof is to combine tradition with modernity. Winemaker Albert Ackermann (1 generation) and daughter Jennifer Ackermann (winemaker 2 generation) complement each other in every way. Father Albert Ackermann does the vineyard work and daughter Jennifer proves that she can do it in the cellar. "Our goal is to produce individual and wholesome wines, which have a lot of fruit potential and variety typicality. From the filigree Silvaner to the dense Cabernet Mitos, from the fruity Pinot Noir to the heavy Pinot Gris -...

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The winery Christophorus-Hof is in the hands of women with a lot of power and tradition - since 1654. Riesling and Silvaner are the most important grape varieties in the vineyard. Simone Schmitt-Rieth rules the cellar - and the whole business in general. The viticulture technician can sing a song of it, which places very special challenges of the Silvaner to the cellar people. The beautiful wine shop invites you to try.

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