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Kastanienhof winery

Our winery is located in Undenheim near Nierstein and Oppenheim am Rhein. The family business is now in the 7th generation and has been continuously developed through technical progress and modern techniques in connection with tradition. 12 different grape varieties grow in our vineyards. This diversity, which makes Rheinhessen so unique, is important to us and we do everything to maintain it. Here we have to respond individually to the needs of individual grape varieties. Our goal is to be able to offer our customers the perfect wine for all occasions. In our family business everyone has to lend a hand from an early age. Ronald Stumpf, the winemaker, tends the vineyards, looks after the machines and is responsible for all work in the cellar. Ute Stumpf, his wife, takes care of the wine orders and does the office work. If there is a lot to do in the vineyards, she is of course there! Christin trained as a winemaker and then studied international wine business in Geisenheim. After graduating, she joined the family winery. Here she brings in new ideas and innovations. We look forward to seeing you at our winery, where you can enjoy a piece of untouched nature and experience a lot.

© Weingut Kastanienhof
© Weingut Kastanienhof
© Weingut Kastanienhof

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