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Winery Gysler

Alexander Gysler converted the winery in 2004 very consistently to biodynamic cultivation and is certified by Demeter. The declared goal is to produce living wines from living soils. The wines are produced in return for a very skilled work and bottled natural. This creates very individual wines.

Gysler, © Weingut Gysler
logo-Gysler, © Weingut Gysler

About us

  • Winemaker Alexander Gysler
  • Vineyard-area 12 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine
  • Maxim origin Rheinhessen

Contact details:

Weingut Gysler
Alexander Gysler
Großer Spitzenberg 8 55232 Alzey-Weinheim

Processed vineyards

Alternativbild für Weinheimer Hölle

Weinheimer Hölle

The location was mentioned in 1331 with the name "uf der Heroes". Hell means a slight slope. In West Central Germany, this hall designation is very common.
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