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Winery Michael Moebus

The winery was built in 1842 and todayis run in the 7th generation, by Michael and Christine, both winemakers. Son Matthias is a viticulture technician and will continue the business. Daughter Charlotte is a hotel economist and focuses on the gastronomy of the winery.
The vineyards of the winemakers family are embedded in the hilly landscape of the "Rheinhessische Schweiz". There, the Upper Rhine Valley provides a mild and sunny climate. The rhyolite rock (lava) and prehistoric seabed create the basis for mineral-fruity and character-strong wines.
Gastronomically, the family started in 1986 with a bunch of wines. Today, the winery is heavily frequented as a wedding and event location. In addition to home-made delicacies, enriched with wild herbs, our own wine is served.

English and French speaking visitors are welcome.

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  • Winemaker Michael Moebus
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine

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Weingut Michael Moebus
Michael Moebus
Wonsheimer Straße 13 55599 Siefersheim

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Winery Michael Moebus

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Winery Moebus

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Processed vineyards

Siefersheimer Goldenes Horn

Siefersheimer Goldenes Horn

Blooming heath on the winemaker’s alp

Like a horn, a pointed mountain, this single vineyard stands out in the landscape, hence the name. The addition "Gold" stands - as always when it comes to vineyard names - for the high esteem in which it is held. Here you will find a varied terroir, sloping and flat sites, loess or volcanic rock (Rigosol) as well as different wind and sun orientations for the most diverse grape varieties. From Riesling and Silvaner to Pinot Noir or Portugieser. On the hilltop, the pink blooming heath beckons in late summer. The best way to get there is via the "Hiwweltour Heideblick". At the Winzer-Alm, wine is served when the flag is flying. The magnificent panoramic view was voted "Rheinhessen's most beautiful wine view" in 2016.

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> To the other sites of Siefersheim: Heerkretz and Höllberg
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The location was mentioned in 1841 with the name "in der Herkretz". It is believed that the name was created by "Kretz at the army road". However, the interpretation of "Kretz" as a clearing land (scratching, Schiffeltechnik) is controversial.
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Siefersheimer Höllberg

Siefersheimer Höllberg

Ryolite on a gentle to steep slope

A wooded vineyard slope, sheltered from the wind by the Siefersheimer Horn in the west. The vineyard was first documented in 1532 with the name "in der hellen". “Hölle” refers to a gentle slope, a widespread field name in west-central Germany. With a gradient of up to 30 percent, one can certainly speak of a steep slope here in some places. Rhyolite, a magnetic rock, makes the wines unique. Riesling and Silvaner make the soil particularly palatable. The vineyard borders the Appelbach stream and the hiking trail “Märchenpfad” (engl. fairytale path) that runs along it. The coastal path circles the single vineyard.

> Hiking trails and refreshments: 
> To the other vineyards of Siefersheim: Goldenes Horn and Heerkretz
> Other single vineyard sites with the name Hölle: Gundersheimer Höllenbrand, Ingelheimer Höllenweg

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