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Albig - unfiltered wine!

A village makes wine.

A village in Rheinhessen is working together to produce first-class wines. With much love and passion, we collectively manage parcels in and around Albig, that have been family-owned for generations.

Our community was founded in 1936 and is one of the oldest in Rheinhessen. Since then we have been strong together - and together it is much more fun! Whether professional grower or owner of a small plot of tradition and passion - we help each other! Our advantage: For every problem and every challenge we have an expert with experience and knowledge in our team. Of course, we also use and operate the infrastructure together, such as wine presses and wine cellars. We also employ Harald Eller, a renowned winemaker, who really makes the most of the grapes.

When we say "a village makes wine," we mean it literally: throughout the year, families, friends, and neighbours help. Many residents work in the vineyards, in sales and also in events in the village. Sometimes even four generations of only one family.

We speak English and German

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About us

  • Winemaker Jan Groß
  • Vineyard-area 42 hectare
  • specialist trade
  • sparkling wine
  • wine export
  • Delicatessen ideas made from wine

Contact details:

Weingenossenschaft Albig eG
Jan Groß
Langgasse 11 55234 Albig

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Albig - unfiltered wine!

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Winzergenossenschaft Albig eG

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